Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MSU Baseball, Lilly turns 8, Lady Dawgs & Hats

I can't believe that baseball season is already here. The weather has been cold and cloudy. Walt has been sick and Lilly has been working hard at school. This Sunday was the first day of sunshine and warmer temps in a while, so we loaded up and went to Starkville for some baseball. 

 A sno-cone was needed for the warm temps! :) 
 And just like that Lilly and Anna Lauren are 8!! How can it be? It seems like yesterday we were welcoming them into this world. Now they are sweet, sassy and bossy 8 year olds who love life. I couldn't love them more. They wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, so Brooke and I took them and let them celebrate! 

 My sweet Lilly with her dog on it's leash! I knew that she would be getting a dog!! 
 I can't believe that when she wakes up she will be sweet girl still loves her baby dolls and her stuffed animals. I pray I have a few more years of that. 
 Welp!!! Thanks to Uncle Tom, we now have a bunny rabbit. Meet Lola...the newest member of our for how long, I can't answer that, but it will probably be short. 
 Walt and Will and are pumped to be riding the FUMC church bus to watch the Lady Bulldog take on the Lady Rebels in basketball. We did that as our social for the month and a great time was had by all. 
 YAY!!! The bulldogs won. Our girls are so good this year. Right now they are #5 in the country. They always hang around after the games to take pics and sign autographs. They have made themselves so easy to love and they are GOOD!!! I am excited about the rest of season! 
 Happy Happy Valentine's Day from Walt and Mason! 
 I love being able to go to the parties my kiddos have! Walt is always so happy to see me! 
 Aunt My and Aunt LaLa gave Lilly a girls night out to dinner and a play for her birthday. She had so much fun. It was "The Little Mermaid" and she talked about it for days!
 Lilly and Aunt My eating at the "fire place"! (Fins and Grill) 
 Lilly with King Triton and Sebastian 
 Lilly and Flounder
 Lilly was in her own play this month. Her 2nd grade play put on the production of "Hats". It was such a cute play and they all did so good. I caught a pic of her and sweet Jake man. 
 Mamie and Boo came to watch the production and Lilly was all smiles. 
 Lilly loves Adelaide and McKenzie. 
 Our Lady Bulldogs finished the season strong so they are the host of the 1st and 2nd round of the NCAA playoffs. Brooke and I loaded up on Friday of Spring Break and took the kids. We WON and they had such a good game. We went back on Sunday and we won on to the Sweet 16. 
 Lilly and Anna Lauren with Bully! 
 This a memory right here!!! WALT is with BULLY for the first time EVER. He spent the entire basketball game worried sick that Bully was going to come to our seats. I had to tell Bully several times that Walt was scared of him. We were walking to the floor after the game and Walt was gripping me for dear life. We got near Bully and I said, "Walt, please just give Bully a high five!" He did and then I just kind of pushed him into Bully's arms!!! It worked. I think that Walt was so relieved that nothing happened to him. He LOVES Bully now, PRAISE THE LORD and GO DAWGS! 
 What a fun weekend celebrating wins and advancing to the Sweet 16. We met Morgan's mama and Blair's mama.....we are all so very proud of our little girls and love them so much. 
 Having fun with these two in the HUMP! 
 The month of March has been a fun month of celebrating Thompson's arrival in Tunica. This was such a fun shower hosted by some of Aunt LaLa's young, good friends. His gift table is full of fun, sweet and beautiful things. 
 We celebrated baby Thompson again at LuLu's house with some of Mamie's dearest friends and it was such a special day. I just love this pic of Lilly and Aunt LaLa. They both are so happy to be getting a baby!!!! :) 
To God be the Glory for the great things He has done!!!! 

All our love the Atwood Family! 

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