Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Maryland, Washington and Spring Ball

Spring Break 2017 took us to Maryland to visit Brian's family. His sister, Jamie, always has the extended family over while we are there. They are always so sweet to make plans to be there. We decided to attempt several selfies over the course of the night. Love these people!! 

Aunt Jamie with Lilly and her cousins Mikayla and Mallory
Cousin fun....Lilly, Mikayla, Skylar and Mallory

Oldest to youngest...Mikayla, Kyle, Lilly, Riley, Walt and Mallory 
Walt's first up close and personal with a mascot...Monkey Joes...he said it was because "he was little" 
Brian with his Uncle Jeff.....I think Brian is most like him out of anyone in the family. They are both carpenters, both very laid back and soft spoken. 
Spring Break was COLD in Maryland....we went on the warmest day to Washington D.C. and attempted to do some "touristy" things. 
Grammy with Lilly, Riley and Walter with the Capitol Building in the background
We visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum....the kids loved the dinosaur exhibit
There was a group of people outside the museum handing out "America Hats". Walt loved his hat and wanted to wear it. 
All at the American Space Museum about to watch a movie in the Planetarium. 
Family Selfie in D.C. 
Soooo, it's FREEZING outside and we have to walk 2 miles at least to our car....Walt is steadily saying "I WANT to see the White House. I want to see where Donald Trump lives!" We are doing our best to explain that it's far away, traffic is bad, it's cold...but it's not helping. He is determined to see "Donald Trump's house". So, his Grammy makes it happen. We will up on Pennsylvania, Grammy stays in the car and the four of us get out and show Walt the President's house. Then he wanted to see Donald Trump! GEEZ!!! Sorry, buddy....that's not happening. :) 
I was able to get away for a day and took the metro to see my very best friend. She lives in Vienna, Virginia and it happened to be her twin girls birthday and baptism day. I just hopped on that train and took part in the festivities. It was so good to be a part of this special day for this family. It pains me that we are so far away from each other. I miss her so much and am sad that our babies don't get to grow up together, but we always make the most of the time we do have together. I love you, CCC, Carrie Clayton Carullo!! 
I told you it was SNOWED while we were there and it snowed a lot. My kids were amazed. 

Lilly loved holding bugs at the museums. 
Cousin Nikki is always so much fun to hang out with. Lilly just loves and adores her. Thanks, Nikki, for making the trip to see us when we are here. 
My sweet family! 
Lilly and Walt having fun fishing in Uncle Tom's boat on Beaver Dam. 
Ball season has started and we could be having more fun. My little catcher is tough as nails and she is doing so good. I can't believe the progress from last year to this year. She is quite the little baller. 
These two best friends aren't on the same team this year, but it hasn't stopped them from supporting each other on the field. They are so sweet....Lilly is catcher so every time Anna Lauren comes to bat they high five each other. They sure do love each other.
This little guy is living in his dream world. The only thing that would make him happier is if he had a game EVERY day. He is having the best time playing baseball. He plays first base and is getting pretty good at it. He is doing so good...he loves his team and his coaches. It's going to be hard to explain when it's over. 
Our wonderful family friend, Andi Kate Graves, is on our team this year. Lilly calls all the Graves her cousins and it was so much fun having them at the game. We were missing Walt and Parker, even sweet Lilian was here for the event. I sure do love all of these kiddos so much, and their mama and daddies. 
Spring has most definitely sprung at the Atwood home. 
All our Love, 
The Atwood Family 

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