Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baby Thompson is HERE and Walt's 4k Program

FINALLY after many years and many prayers, lifted up to Heaven the day had finally come for baby Thompson to be born. Of course things never happen when you want them too, when you are waiting on a baby to be born. To pass the time we went to eat and the Commissary and Lilly made bonnets and head pieces out of the napkins. It was freezing in there and she was making the best of it. 

 We had to leave that night but he finally made his arrival a little before midnight on April 27, 2017. He weighed 9lbs and 7oz ! We are in love with this chunk of love!! 

 I am really not sure what Walt was expecting when we got to the hospital to meet Thompson for the first time, but he really didn't want much to do with him. He wouldn't even get close and this is the best picture I could get of all three of them. 
 Lilly and Uncle Tom are just super happy campers! 
 Lilly wanted desperately to bring her best buddy Anna Lauren to the hospital to meet her cousin. Anna Lauren loves babies, so she was more than ready to go for a visit. 

 I can't believe the year has come and gone. My baby is growing up and he had a wonderful year in 4k. He learned so much and has shown me this year what a smart little boy he is. I have seen just how different my children are this year and I love them both so much. Walt had to dress as a fisherman and he had to recite a nursery rhyme that was the longest of them all. I had my doubts, but he did it and he did it WELL! 
 He got to walk in with his buddy, Maddox, who was Georgie Porgie! 

 His sweet teachers, Ms Beverly and Miss Kristy giving him his certificate! 
 Walt and Nash happy to be heading to 5k!! 
 What a surprise!!! Riley made it to 4k graduation! I said "Walt, guess who is here?" He said, "who?" I said, "Riley!" He said, "Riley the pitcher for the bulldogs?" He was so excited. Riley has a niece in Walt's class, Blakely, so he shows up from time to time at these events and these Bulldog lovin' boys are over the moon when he does! 
 Thanks, Riley Self, for making this little boy one happy camper!! 
 We love baseball, obviously and we love watching the people we love play the game! What a fun afternoon cheering on the Titans baseball team and watching them win the tournament. Way to go Hastings and Will. 
Lilly, Walt and Will with Hastings after the big win
 Walt loves the trophy 
 Walt and Will Howell with the big trophy and the individual trophy. 
 Every win must be celebrated with a great meal!
Spring time is moving fast and we are moving with it!! 
Blessings to you all! 
The Atwood's 

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