Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wedding Day and Super Hero VBS

The Wedding Day is finally here and the bride is stunning! Ashlyn was a beautiful bride! 
 My sweet, pretty flower girl! 
 Sissy and Lilly hanging out during pictures. 
 my 2 favorite girls...they couldn't be anymore alike! I love them both so much! 
 Lilly with my first Battle baby, Houston! 
 Sweet girls with Ashlyn and Cooper 
 Me and my girl ! 

 My two handsom fellows!! 
 Me and Bets after LOTS of dancing and we were HOT! 
 Walt loved the glow accessories! 
  Walt and Eli having fun with the glow sticks! 
 We had so much fun with this girl...she and Lilly danced the night away! 
 Walt was in rare form and he was loving his "big Sissy", as he calls her! Pictures with just him and her are rare! He usually INSISTS that Clayton be in them, too! 
 These four just looked like precious angels! We had a great weekend with Mattie Kate and Eli! 
 I am sad to say that I think this is the last time my little man is going to wear this type of outfit! It breaks my heart, because he has just grown up too fast! 
 My two doing the DAB! 
 These two are two peas in a pod! 
 We will miss Emily so much when heads to MSU in a few short weeks. 
 These words! That Jake can get Walter to do just about anything. These two love each other and it does my heart good! 
 This picture of my family shows what a great night we had....Lilly's dress is falling apart, Brian and I are sweating up a storm, my hair is up and Walt is in a daze because it's way past his bed time! Thanks Coop and Ash for allowing us to be a part of your special weekend! We had a blast and made tons of memories with some of the ones we love the most!!! 
 Walt and Lilly had a great week at VBS. They learned all about the Super Powers that God gives, heart, hope, strength, wisdom and power! 
 My super hero with his buddy Cole. They learned that Jesus is their Super Hero!!! 
 Such cute and sweet Super Heroes! 
 My sweet boy (most of the time) praying!!! Be Still my Heart! 
Lilly and Caroline rocking it out on the stage at VBS!!! I sure do love these girls! 
Summer is busy and summer is FUN!!! 

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