Thursday, July 6, 2017

MSU Regional and Battle/Haskins Wedding Weekend

We are so very proud of our MSU Diamond Dawgs. The have had a great season despite much adversity and hardship. They made it to the Regional in Hattiesburg at the University of Southern Mississippi, so it was the perfect opportunity to head to Hattiesburg to visit some of our favorite people, Monica, Andy and Anderson! We called JB, our favorite player and he was eating lunch, so we just made it our mission to go find him! We had to with him luck for his big weekend. 
Watching the game with my favorite little bulldog. 
Thankful to spend this weekend with my little baseball loving boy. The rain kept us from watching all the baseball we wanted, but the Dawgs won when it mattered most and our JB pitched an entire 9 inning game to secure the win. It was AWESOME!! 
We found Blakely! You can't find two cuter fans or bigger fans of Riley Self than these two. Blakely's uncle, Riley, is our saving pitcher and this picture was just taken after an amazing SAVE by the man! 
Meanwhile, this little diva is hanging out with one of her favorite "big girls" and heading to the Peabody for a Tea Party. 
I can hardly take how grown she looks in this picture, with her posing and those RayBans, that I did NOT buy her....thanks Sidney!!! :) 
The Tea Party was a success and Lilly had a great time. Thanks so much Aubrey for having Lilly to celebrate your special day. 
Pretty girls, Lilly, Aubrey and Lily Melton posing at the Peabody.
They look like super stars! 
The Wedding Festivities have begun and we couldn't be happier to a be a part of the great event. Cooper and Ashlyn are getting ready to say, "I Do" and these two little girls are ready to do their part! 
My sweet Cooper and my sweet Lilly 
Lilly is ALWAYS happy when her Sissy is around. They do LOVE each other SO SO SO much! 
I love my LuLu. I don't know what I would do without her. She looked so pretty and of course she put on a great party!!! 
We celebrated are 10 year anniversary at Cooper's Rehearsal Dinner. I am thankful for this man and all that he does to support me and our kiddos! Blessed! 
Sissy with Mattie Kate and Lilly! 
Clayton and Sissy found our Walt man in the hotel!
The bridesmaids luncheon was beautiful, once we found it! We stayed lost for about an hour!! :) Lilly loved getting her presents and giving her present to Ashlyn. I hate that I didn't get a picture, but Lilly gave Ashlyn her Bride Barbie. It was so sweet. Lilly is always wanting to give gifts to others, her heart is kind. 
Lilly and LuLu....Lilly was in LOVE with LuLu's dress! They were having fun at the Bridesmaids brunch! 
The wedding day pictures are up next!!! 

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