Monday, September 28, 2009

One busy little 7 month old!

I gave Lilly one of those teething biscuit cookie things last night while I was cooking dinner to keep her occupied...she was occupied for sure...needless to say we went straight to the "tub" after all of that was over!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL Sunday, so we went to see our family in Tunica. We hung out all day at Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa's house. Lilly's "Boo" (my daddy) came over and they had lots of fun together!

Lilly had fun playing on the floor at Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa's house! She even crawled a few feet for all of a couple of days she will be all over the place!

We could not make it to the game in Starkville this weekend, so we had our own game day in our living room. Lilly claps her hands when she sees us so excited. It is soooooo cute. We ALMOST upset those LSU Tigers...oh well....being a Bulldog is not easy! Lilly is learning that lesson very early! We love our matter what!

Lilly and Jake playing with each other! They are best friends!
This is one sick little baby....we had our first bout with fever this week. It was so pitiful. A double ear infection and fever will put you down for a few days. We have had quite a few sleepless nights in the last week or so. If we could just get rid of this runny nose and cough we might be on the road to recovery. Please pray for us!

Sleeping in mama and daddy's bed usually works EVERY time. I did not care at this point. We had been awake since 2 and this was about 6a.m.!!

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Anonymous said...

She is growing SO fast! What a doll. You guys need to come back to town so she can meet her cousin Riley. Keep the pictures coming. Just love your blog.

Love ya all, Aunt Betty