Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. It started out on Wednesday when Lilly had a WELL baby 9 month check-up! Bless her heart, the doctor told me at this visit that she had a double ear infection! WHAT?! She never even let me know that she was hurting at all. Anyway, she has been a trooper and you would never know that baby had anything wrong with her. She has not missed a beat!
Our future MOZART!! She loved playing the piano with her Aunt My!!
Both hands...she is a fast learner!!

She sat in her high chair like such a big girl at Thanksgiving dinner. She just chewed on her spoon and any bites of dinner people would give her.

Lilly LOVES dogs. Our dog Gunner will not really give her the time of day, but Louise and Big Bubba are my mom's dogs and they love Lilly as much as she loves them. It is so much fun to watch them all!

Pop Pop Kirk and Grandma Shriley spent Thanksgiving day with us too. He and Lilly had fun playing that night! She is checking out all the colors on our new couch pillows!

Grandma Shirley and Pop Pop had Lilly captivated with her toys and their attention on the couch!

AND the HIGHLIGHT of our Thanksgiving Holiday was when the MSU BULLDOGS WHIPPED the OLE MISS REBELS to a pulp on Saturday! It was such a great day for all the Bulldog fans out there! We were all jumping up and down and shouting the FIGHT SONG....Lilly was loving it!

She was in her jumper watching the game and all of us were going crazy right in front to her!
Lilly and MoMo having a VICTORY party together!
Lilly turned 9 months old over the holiday...WOW...time flies!
Weight- 21 pounds
Height - 28 inches
She can wave bye-bye, clap, crawl, pull up on everything and really wants to walk. It will not surprise me if she is walking by Christmas! We will see!
We love and miss you all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS...can't wait to share with you more during this holiday season!

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The Brennan's said...

Love the Bulldog outfit!!!! I cannot believe she is 9 months already. She is so precious....keep the pictures coming!