Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Birthday and Holiday Bliss!

It was Pop Pop's (Brian's Dad) birthday on Sunday, so we went to Tupelo to celebrate the event. We had a great time visiting and Lilly kept us all entertained. Happy Birthday Pop Pop we love you and appreciate you!

Lilly had an early Christmas present waiting on her at Pop Pop and Grandma's house. It is an adorable rocking horse. She likes to pet it and pull up on it right now, but she is a little unsure when you put her on the horse! She does not like that it moves, but all that will change very soon, I am sure!

The picture above is Lilly being very serious as she mounts the horse! She can be such a serious child. I am really not sure where she gets that from....NOT HER MOMMY!!

Look at those top 2 teeth shining as she smiles at her Pop Pop...too sweet!

Oh, she loves the Chrismas trees and lights so much! She points and looks and smiles and laughs!

She does really well with our Christmas tree - for the most part! Brian would probably not agree with me so much....but she could be so much worse. She does like to crawl to our tree and get this one ornament that is on the very bottom. I think it is so cute, so I keep putting it back in the same spot and everyday when she is playing on the floor and she sees the tree, she darts for that same one!

Look! She is so excited about Christmas and all the lights!
We are having lots of fun with Lilly this holiday season. She is so much fun. I am looking forward to getting out of school Friday...PRAISE THE I can spend lots of quality time with my family and friends...and especially my Lilly Whit!


Betty said...

Soooooo sweet! She just gets sweeter everyday ... if that is possible!! Love the pictures.

Aunt B

The Brennan's said...

I love all the pics! She is a doll. Enjoy this will be the best you've ever had!!! We miss you!