Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lilly and friends, and 1 year STATS

Lilly being VERY brave, walking up to an "older boy" to take his bubbles at the wedding!

Lilly loves her Sam for many reasons, and you are looking at one of them right here! She gives her popscicles!!! That pose is too much!! I love it!

And here is "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" as I like to call them. Lilly and Jake love each other so much! They play really well together. The latest thing that they have found is the kitchen and the drawers and the cabinets in the kitchen. I will say that the Jake man is usually the instigator, being the boy that he is, but Lilly just follows right behind him. This is their favorite drawer. They have the biggest time, taking everything out and putting in all back in. They carry on the cutest conversation, while doing it too. No one understands but them!

PRECIOUS MEMORIES, Lilly 12 months and Jake 16 months!

They love riding in the wagon together. Lilly starts off on the opposite side, but she always manages to get right there with Jake-Jake. They just laugh and have the best time!

1 year STATS

We went to the doctor last Tuesday for her one year physical, and of course, two shots. She did great and only cried for a minute. We found out when we were there that we had an ear infection...GREAT, but everything else was perfect!

She weighs 22lbs 4oz
She is 33in tall

She is on whole milk out of sippy cup during the day and drinking a bottle only at bedtime. She is "running" all over the place and is in to everything. She is cutting two molars at the moment and is very "cranky...two have already popped through, so we just have these two to go! She loves dogs and books! She can say "uh-oh", mama and dada, and she barks like a dog everytime she sees one! It is too cute...she knows all sorts of tricks. Sometimes I feel like I have got her trained like a little monkey. It's too cute though! She is growing too fast...


The Brennan's said...

I love the barking, ha! I know that you and Brian are enjoying every minute of little Lilly. Take care!!

ambersmith said...

I loved reading about sweet Lilly! Miss you so much my friend. Love you!!!

Pamela said...

Grammy can't wait to get there and enjoy being with Lilly! She is so precious. I just love all these photos.