Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend. I have been so excited about Easter this year. It has always been one of my most favorite times of year, the whole season, but this year, I really took time to think about what my JESUS did for me and because HE LIVES there is HOPE for the whole world! Lilly being here this year, also made this Easter extra special. She is just getting old enough for us to teach her things...we are working hard at showing her to clasp her hands and bow her head when we pray, she points to her heart when you ask where Jesus lives, and we sing to her all the time about Jesus. What a job we have has parents to "train a child up, in the way he should go", but the next part says..."and when he is old he will not depart from it." Praise GOD that his promises are true!!

As you can see Lilly and her Mamie had a great time at the Easter Egg hunt in Tunica. It was fun going back to my home church for the egg hunt. Lilly had so much fun. She and Mamie knelt down to visit Anna Clay. Lilly said, "Anna Clay, you still are not able to come out and play with me?! Hurry up, I tell ya!"

And there she is turning to see if she is ACTUALLY going to make it to that big fat mud hole without anyone saying "NO, LILLY" and grabbing her up! Of course she never made it...that dress was way to cute to be muddy!!!
Close up here of her outfit....the smocked bunnies around the collar! I know, too sweet!!! And look at that sweet cross EASTER EGG she is holding. Some child was so sweet to share with her!!

AWWW....we are giving Aunt LaLa "love". Thank you for coming to see me "hunt" eggs, she tells LaLa!

We had a visit from our cousins who live in Memphis after the egg hunt. They were in town visiting their grandparents, so we all met up. How cute they are and they were so sweet to Lilly. She loved playing with the girls. Katherine is holding Lilly and then Josephine is holding her little brother John.
They all had so much fun playing in the back of my daddy's truck. You know, us country folks can find anything to do for enterainment!
And here is the Easter girl herself. She would not keep her bonnett on, so this is the best I got of her in it!
Here she is in her Easter dress checking out Tom and Laura's house. We had Easter dinner over there with my parents. It was so much fun and such a beautiful day to be together.
How thankful I am that our Lord CAME and then DIED for a sinner like me...I don't deserve it, but I am so glad that He did it. "Why do you look for the living among the dead, He is not here, HE HAS RISEN!" Luke 24:5-6
I pray that you and your family had WONDERFUL and BLESSED Easter!


Shannon said...

Such a sweet post. Lilly looks so precious! I am glad ya'll had a wonderful Easter! I am so thankful for our friendship =)

Jason and Leigha said...

Lilly is just precious! I'm glad ya'll had a wonderful Easter. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You're too sweet!

ambersmith said...

Lilly is getting so BIG!!! I am missing out on my precious friend's sweet baby! Miss you my love!!!

Webb, John Allen and Erin said...

What PRECIOUS pics of that sweet baby girl. I can't BELIEVE how big she is getting. Aunt LaLa did bring her by to visit me for a minute when yall were in town for your birthday. I am sad to say that she didn't remember me, which should only tell you ONE thing. BRING IT SISTER!! The weather is getting JUST RIGHT and Webb would LOVE to share his playset in the back yard. HAPPY SPRING!!