Monday, April 26, 2010

Having Fun and a Prayer Request!

As I have said before, Lilly is loving to climb these days. So, I found her the other day on the brick of our fireplace, "READING" a book.

Robin and I loaded up the kids on Sunday and headed to Oxford to the Double Decker festival. It had POURED all weekend and when the sun came out and the temperature was perfect, I knew that we had to be out in it! Lilly loved watching the people and seeing the dogs that were out walking with their owners. She FINALLY sacked out and took a good long nap as we strolled the square.

Grammy, Brian's mama, sent her this precious pink beach chair in the mail this weekend. It has an umbrella on it too, with her name on it. You know that I love things that have your name on them! She loves her chair. She gets in and out, in and out. It's too cute. Notice Brian's lovely foot in the picture....he was snapping pictures of her in his recliner. Glad that he has "pretty feet"

Brian has been working VERY HARD this week. We are very proud of him for working so hard, but we have been missing him. Since he has not been at home until after dark, we decided to spend Thursday night at the ball field watching some of our little friends, Will and Taylor, play ball. We then went to celebrate Cliff's birthday at the Windy City with Robin, Taylor and Jake.
Below is Lilly with "RahRah"...they love each other and Jake loves me. It's not uncommon to see me with Jake and Robin with Lilly!!

Jake and Lilly loved playing at the ball field. There favorite thing to do was TRYING to climb up the concrete steps and digging in the dirt. They were dirty little babies when we got home.

Sam, Lilly's babysitter, called me the other day to inform me that Lilly LOVED fettucini alfredo. She was you can see from the picture below!!I am just so thankful that I did not have to clean up that mess. We are so thankful for Sam and all she does for and with our girls.

Our "family", me, Brian, Betsy and Lilly, were heading out the door to Wednesday night church, and Betsy realized that we were all three wearing Polo's!! So, we made Brian break out the camera and snap our pic. Lilly's horse is pink, mine is blue and Betsy's is orange, in case you cared!!

Before I "sign off" for the day, I must ask all of my blog readers to PLEASE PRAY for a fifth grade little girl, named Madysen Acey. She was playing with her friend in a farm shop behind the house. They both were playing on a cotton picker and decided to climb to the top. Madysen reached the top and started to lose her balance. Some power lines were drooping because of the recent storms and she grabbed hold of them with both hands. She was airlifted to the MED and has since been flown to the Burn Center in Cincinatti, Ohio. She has already lost one arm, including the shoulder and her other hand. The electricity came out from her upper thigh and she has been severely burned there as well. PRAY that GOD will hold her mother, Bethanne, up in this time and give her the strength that she needs to take care of Madysen, as well as, her little boy Braxton.
I can't imagine. This is so incredibly terrible, but we serve a MIGHTY GOD, who is able to deliver us from the most devastating of times.

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. For I am the Lord, your God, the HOLY one of Israel, your Savior. Isaiah 43:1-4


rosajosa said...

RANDOM question...where did you find her little while sun hat? Annie has outgrown her's from last year and I can't find Sarah ALice's that she wore at that age. We have a couple that are pink and blue, but I need a white one and can't find one anywhere!!!

The Rives said...

My heart is just breaking for that sweet little girl and her family. I will surely add them to my prayer list. Thanks for passing along the info.

I can't believe how big Lilly is getting. She is just precious!!!

The Brennan's said...

Love seeing the pics of Lilly! It makes me want to squeeze her little cheeks. Praying for your friends too.

Shannon said...

I put this sweet child on our church's prayer list tonight. There are lots of prayers being listed for her!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of Lilly! She is growing by leaps and bounds ... enjoy every minute! My heart goes out to little Madysen Acey. I'll put her and her family on my prayer list. Aunt Betty