Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our yearly Crawfish Alley was this weekend and the Atwood Family went over to Tunica on Friday afternoon to enjoy the beautiful day, eat some crawfish and visit with lifelong friends and family. I look forward to it every year, because it's "home" and I get to see highschool friends and so many more people that I never get to see!
Tom is on the Crawfish Crew. This is a fundraiser for the private school in Tunica, where we all graduated from, so Tom helps every year with the cooking of the crawfish!! We always try to get a picture of Lilly with her Uncle Tom, since this is "his" event and also because he always looks quite a site...notice the "handlebars" that he shaved into his facial hair JUST for the weekend!!! So, here is a very sleepy Lilly with her Uncle Tom...not the best pic of Lilly here, but I wanted you to really take a look at my sweet and crazy brother!!

Lilly just "chillin" in her stroller enjoying the day and watching the people!

A very happy Lilly, itching to get out of that stroller to run like a wild woman all over the park. In case you are wondering how great the crawfish were, I did not get ONE SINGLE crawdaddy. This 13 month old was not having that. So, I let Brian partake in the fetivities, since he does enjoy it so much more than me. I did like showing my baby girl off to all my hometown people!

My aunt and uncle, my dad's sister, came down for the afternoon as well. We had such a good time "playing" with them. She gave Lilly lots of love during her visit and Lilly loved every minute of it!! We love you "MuMu"

Earlier this week, Betsy came over to play with Lilly, eat supper and do her homework. That at least happens about 3 times and week. We love it. When she does not come, Brian and I both are wondering where she is and missing her!!

Lilly has started to climb on everything! Her favorite thing to "climb" in right now is her DOLL baby bed that her Mamie and Boo gave her for Christmas. She can climb in and out of it and she is so proud of herself.

Lilly still loves bath time, but lately it's AFTER bath time that we are loving the most. Now that she is bigger, I take that little dripping, wet body out of the tub and stand her up. I have the towel ready and waiting to wrap her up, but she darts out the door laughing. All I have time to do is throw the hooded towel and it usually lands right on her head. So, she just runs aroung for a little while looking like super woman in the nude!!!

"Rise and shine, my Lilly bug". That is how I go into her room after nap time! She is always so cute standing up in her bed waiting on me to come in and rescue her!! She is so happy when she wakes up. This is one of my favorite times with her!

I had my camera nearby when she woke up last Sunday from her nap, so I thought that I would capture the moment!! She is just so sweet in this pic!

All in all it was a great week. EXTREMELY busy. Busier than normal, even. Lilly did get the stomach bug on Monday morning. Thanks to my sweet mama, she took care of her until I could get home. Mom always keeps her on Tuesdays, so it worked out to be okay!! We are feeling great now and LOVING to be outside!!
Until next time! We love you all!!
The Atwoods


Shannon said...

Uncle Tom will never have a baby that could possibly look more like him that Lilly does!!! So funny!!! Love those sweet, sweet pictures...and those precious little smocked outfits =) She is such an angel!!! Can't wait to hang out with ya'll this summer!!

The Murphree Family said...

I love the pic of her waking up in her bed! Glad y'all had a great time in T-town! I know everyone was just smitten with Lilly! Come see me and Shannon! :)

Tony, Paula, Murphy & Cosmo said...

I love crawfish!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, could she get any cuter ... well yes!! It looks that way. Enjoy every minute. The time flies. Love ya, Aunt Betty.

rosajosa said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!!