Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lilly Playing and More Easter

So, I decided to post a few pics that I have taken over the last couple of weeks of Lilly just playing and playing with her friends. Sam, one of Lilly and Anna Lauren's babysitters, who we love so much, takes pictures of them throughout the day. I love that! This is one that she took of the girls. They love looking out this window together.They are really learning to be real people these days. They love on each other and "fight" just like real people do!! They are so cute!

Lilly and Jake are loving each other these days as well. They love the outside and if either of them are out there, they both head straight to the other's house-EVERYTIME! It is way to cute! This picture was taken the moment Robin and I rolled in from school. We both got our babies out of the car in our own driveways, put them down and they both headed straight over to the house. Jake won, so we ended up in our house, playing! I thought this was a great pic of them playing with the golf clubs, both in their favorite team t-shirts. Lilly sporting her pink MSU shirt and Jake with his Ole Miss t-shirt! It should be interesting around these two houses as they get older!

Lilly loves her tent that Aunt My gave her for her birthday. Her favorite thing to do is play peek-a-boo in it!

Lilly has been scared of this rocking horse for a while. She finally warmed up to it and now really likes to get on it. She goes into the room where it stays at my mom and dad's house and we know that is what she wants to do.

This horse that she so affectionately loves was my mama's horse when she was a little girl!! How sweet and funny!!

This is Lilly wanting to go to sleep in the swing with Aunt LaLa. Thanks to Webb for letting use his swing set, Lilly had a great time "swinging with her LaLa". Good thing that the Easter Bunny brought her a swing.
Our church has an Easter Egg hunt and this time Lilly actually hunted eggs. Well, let's say she attempted to hunt. This is Maggie Glossen with Lilly. She was so sweet to chase Lilly around all day at the Egg Hunt. Thanks, Maggie! We love you!

Lilly with Maggie looking at the eggs! Lilly was way more interested in sitting down and picking the grass, but we tried!!

LOOK! I see 3 eggs in the basket. Maggs might have had something to do with that. She loved shaking them!!

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Betty said...

So sweet. This blog is going to be (well it already is) priceless one of these days. You will be so glad you too the time to do it! Don't stop -- we love the pics.

Love, Aunt Betty