Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 trips in 1 week....WHEW!

So, Katie Smith George and I struck out for Nashville to visit my sister and her friend Emily! They are best friends of Katie's and we thought it was a perfect idea to load up my 16 month old, her 2 year old and 14 month old and hit the road! Well, I can't say it was the best idea we ever had but it will be one that none of us forget ANYTIME soon.

As you can see from the picture below, this was only a couple of hours into the journey and they had already whined and whined so much that they both got our PRECIOUS and COVETED Diet Cokes from Sonic. Lilly and Ben laid back sipping on their Diet Coke and watching ToyStory!

We made it there is one piece, without to much of a crisis and below is the picture we got of the three right when we got to Myra's house! They looked so cute....Brady, Ben and Lilly

After some terrorizing of a not so baby proof house, all of the adults agreed that it was BATH TIME! Lilly was obvioulsy the only one excited about this idea. We are not sure why but Brady and Ben were not excited about the bathtub idea. Brady never got excited about the idea.....

But Ben started having a good time. Lilly, of course LOVES a bath. She will walk to the bathtub and try to get in it at all hours of the day!

The next morning we started early and FINALLY got all 7 of us showered, dressed and loaded in Katie's "bus". Poor Myra and Emily rode on the 3rd seat and the only way back there was to climb from the very back over strollers and pool bags. What troopers they were! We were on our way to the Discovery Center in Murphreesboro, TN.

Lilly really enjoyed herself at the Discovery Center. There were lots of things for her to see and do. They had a pile full of rocks, her favorite thing, that was at the bottom of a forest exhibit! She loved the rocks but got distracted everytime she looked up, because there were "wild" animals looking at her!

Here Lilly is in the wooden boat at the Discovery Center. I don't think that she will be taking off for the waters just yet in a boat. She was not too fond of it!

The trip was supposed to last until Thursday, but becasue the kiddos were so out of their "element" we thought it best to cut it a day short and come back on Wednesday. There were still some things that we really wanted to do, so just took our time, sleeping late, having a nice lunch and getting the kids pictures made by my dear friend Andrea. When we attempted to leave all of the kids were fussy.....two were crying! We got lost and went 45 minutes out of the way. My cell phone was dead and Katie had one bar....after one child had been screaming for 45 minutes we decided that it would be SAFEST to return to my sister's house, let them play and eat and then try retuning home when it was their bed time! So below are the children playing AFTER we tried to leave the first time!
And it's dinner time....turkey, cheez-its and blueberries did the trick as we prepared to make our big adventure home! Lilly and Ben did really well sitting and eating on Myra's bench!

And right before we "hit the highway", us mama's decided we needed some Target time after all the drama from the two days. We loaded them in basket and our great finds in another!!

The Atwood Family hit Hot Springs in this same week! We ACTUALLY went on this trip before the Nashville adventure and it's a great thing that we did, because it Nashville came first, I am not sure I would have attempted this one! We really had a great time. We went with our neighbor family, Robin and Cliff Johnston. Robin's sister has a condo there so we stayed Thursday through Sunday. Below is Lilly and Jake having a blast in the Jacuzzi tub. They loved the bubbles! I can't wait to have this picture on the slide show at their graduation!!!

We went to the water park at Magic Springs on Friday. It was so much fun. I had not been to a water park in years and I had a great time as well. Lilly loved the lazy river and the fun baby pools the most. She is quite the little fish. She LOVES the water! She was worn out and thirsty so this is Lilly bug breaking for lunch and enjoying some sips of Mama's drink!

Along with the Johnston Family, the Cahill Family was also in Hot Springs at the same time. That made the water park trip that much more fun, because as you can see there were three little girls who wanted their hands on Lilly at all times. That helps me out so much. Brian could not come until early the next morning, so I was already a little nervous doing it without him. Addison, Avery and Mollie were a tremendous help!

Robin's sister, Kristen, got married on that Saturday night, so we all got dressed up and headed to the big occasion. Jake was so cute in his little outfit. He was entertaining to everyone and he also had a great time. As you can see......
Lilly had a great time at the wedding too. She enjoyed the cake the most!!! She does love her some cake!!

The summer has been very busy but we have enjoyed every minute. I only have 4 more weeks before school starts back, so I am going to make the very most of it!! GOD IS GOOD!
The Atwoods

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