Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday "Boo" and America!

We celebrated my Daddy's birthday on the 5th of July. We always get together for our family birthdays in Tunica. Before Lilly, we would go out to eat, now we cook at home and it is just the same, really better in my opinion. My sweet daddy turned 62. He doesn't miss a beat and is the best daddy in the whole wide world. I love him so. He and Lilly were enjoying their cake and ice cream together!!

Lilly having fun outside at my Parent's house! She loves the country!!

Lilly just checking things out....seeing what dirt pile she wants in first!!
She found her FAVORITE....BUBBA...she LOVES this dog....can't you see by that big grin!!
Daddy and Lilly took a little stroll on the 4-wheeler!
Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa came over the big birthday celebration!
Lilly SO EXCITED to see her Boo, my daddy, when we got out of the car!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Lilly is sporting her colors after a long day celebrating with her friends in the pool! She had a big time, as did we all!
We had some friends over to swim and cook out on Saturday. Below is Brianne and Eric St. John and Robin Johnston!!
Baby Anderson and Lilly really "bonded" this visit. Lilly is loving him more and more and it really is sweet. She is a little rough with him at times and still is a little jealous, but it's much better! Lilly's Grammy gave them both their blue and red and 4th of July outfits, so we wanted to get their pictures together!!
Jake Johnston, Lilly, Piper Brown and Hayden Brown all had a big time swiming and eating their burgers on the front porch! Of course the girls were all into the food and Jake could have cared less!!!
Piper, Lilly and Hayden had a big time going up and down the stairs!!

Olivia Kate and Aubrey Claire were there too and they are such a great help with the little girls. They love to play with them. Our group of friends is wonderful. We all have children of all ages and are such a big help to each other!! GOD is good.....all the time!

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