Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Big Scare with an Answered Prayer!

Wow....blogging about the events of this past week is going to be hard, but it must be done. I must record this story, because many lessons have been learned and it is a true testimony of the greatness of our God!
It was Sunday night, around 8:15, Lilly and I were in my bedroom. She was reading books, dancing to the TV, and playing with her toys. I was folding and putting away clothes. I took her clean and folded laundry to her room and she did not follow. Unusual for her, but I new that she was pretty engrossed in what she was doing. I was in her room about 5 minutes, I guess. I walked back in my room and found her with my purse in front of her, a tube of lipstick in her hand, and my prescription meds spilled all over the floor. I immediately grabbed her mouth and saw powder on her lips, I swiped her mouth and found nothing. I noticed two pills looked as if they had been "sucked" on. Brian was in a prayer meeting, so I called Lynda Battle and told her to rush over. I called Poison Control and as they were telling me some effects of the medicine, it became obvious that Lilly had indeed ingested some. We rushed her to the ER, and from there, LeBonheur came and took her by ambulance to the children's hospital.
Lilly stayed in ICU for 12 hours and was a trooper. Her body reacted perfectly to the liquid charcoal that was given to her. When that started taking affect, we could see a dramatic difference. We arrived at LeBonheur around 11p.m. and were out of ICU and in a private room by 11 the next day. It was a long night. One full of praying and just trusting my Lord to take care of my precious little one! I also had to see all of the other suffering children around her and that was hearbreaking as well.
Once we had our own room, Lilly began to make great progress. It was almost like each hour she became more and more like herself. When we reached the 24 hour mark, she was amazingly Lilly Whit again....spunk and all! We were released the next morning and home by noon. She acted as if nothing ever happened!
Of course, the camera was not with me during our 34 hour adventure, but a few pics were captured on a few cell phones. Below is Lilly in ICU, about an hour before she was moved to a private room! Aunt LaLa came to visit and Lilly was so happy to see her. She kept patting her hand on her crib bed wanting LaLa to get in it with her. Finally LaLa had to jump on in bed with Lil!

LaLa also let her play with her cell phone, so she was busy calling people. She was really cute picking up the phone, putting it to her ear, saying "hi". I wonder who she has heard talking on the phone so much....(just kidding, people)

HIP HIP HOORAY...we are going home. She was in rare form when she woke up on that Tuesday morning. Feeling never better, containing her in that hospital room was not fun. We did venture out and visited a few of the other children who were not able to come home on that day. Lilly was really sweet to them, and I think she made quite a few little ones smile!
She loved riding in the wagon all throughout the hospital....straight to the car!

Words can't express how thankful I am to all of you for your prayers. Knowing that we had faithful prayer warriors out there, interceding on our behalf was truly humbling! I had to
totally put my faith and trust in my Lord to take care of Lilly. I felt so helpless as a mother, but knowing that I serve a God that can do anything I could ever think of or imagine brought me peace. All I could do was truly "praise Him in the storm". As a dear friend told me while we were in the hospital, "we just have to hold 'em and love 'em and just thank God every day for the precious gift He has given us." She is so right, and I plan to do just that!
We love you all!
Brian, Sara Whitten and Lilly Whit


rosajosa said...

Sara Whit, I was on pens and needles worrying and praying for y'all so glad everything is okay!!!

Anonymous said...

We were sure all praying here in Maryland and my Mom in PA!!! I'm sure you had prayers from all over. We were SO happy to see the picture of sweet little Lilly in the wagon! She is such a doll and so precious to all of us. Thank God for His blessings and for getting Lilly through this! Love to you all, Aunt Betty, Aunt Shirley & Uncle Buck!!!!

The Brennan's said...

Wow what a scary thing to happen! So glad little Lilly is better and back home. Hug her for me!