Monday, September 6, 2010

Resting, Swinging, and Doing Laundry

The days since my last blog post have been very eventful, but all in positive fun ways. We came home and it was like nothing had ever happened. She was back to her sassy self, so we just rolled with it. She even woke up a couple of nights and into the bed she went with us. I just love a sleeping baby. This picture also shows you how Lilly sleeps...upside down and all around. She is really not a good cuddler!
The Norris' had us over on Saturday night for some great company and good food. Lilly loves to play with Aubrey Claire and Hastings. Here all three of them are...having a great time!

Lilly watched me push Hastings high, higher and highest in the swing for quite a while. She decided that she was old enough to swing in the big swing too. Hastings thought it was a great idea, so I told him to push her. She loved it and he did too!
Flying high in the sky!
He is doing such an AWESOME job and Lilly is loving it!

Lilly found a pair of socks as I was folding laundry. She started putting them on her feet and I thought it was so funny that she knew how to do that. Then she headed straight to the door. Some type of foot covering means outside to her!
She loves to help me do the laundry. Her favorite thing is to help me with the clothes coming out of the washing machine. I hand them to her and she says "tata", which is thank you, with each piece. The best is when we are all done. I say, "okay, Lil we are all done, close the door." She maneuvers her little self around, closes the door and claps!! It's a memory for sure!

Thanks for checking in on our family. I also have our first MSU game day to post about and the Withers' Family get together as well. So stay tuned...
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Haven said...

What wonderful memories to have! Thank you for sharing! She has gotten so big and just seems to be so much fun. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

That pic with her standing at the door with her socks on is too cute!!! That's great that she loves doing laundry!

gini said...

tooo cute, that Lilly Belle! :)