Monday, September 20, 2010

A Festival, A Morning with Mamie and Boo, Dancing and Pink Hair!

It's been a great week and weekend at the Atwood house. We have been busy, not surprising, I know, but it's been great! This weekend Paige and I took Aubrey Claire and Lilly to the Water Tower Festival in Hernando and we met Monica and Anderson! It was great to get out and shop around, eat sno cones and visit with the girls and others that I ran into along the way!
Lilly and Aubrey love each other so much. Lilly wants to be doing just about everything that she is doing. Below are the two girls saying "CHEESE"!
How CUTE is this one!? I love it! They are both laughing so hard!
Lilly has just a little bit of a jealous bone. Paige was holding Anderson and at first she got upset, but then realized it was Anderson, so she started trying to love on him!!
Look at that cute little man! Anderson is getting so big! He is 4 months old. I can't believe it! This time next year he and Lilly will both be all over the place!
Paige got Lilly a sno-cone and she loved it! She worked hard with that sno-cone for a good while then, of course, she spilled it and we had to say "uh-oh" only about 100 times!
Here is the gang! Anderson, chilling out and Lilly and Aubrey having a great time with their sno-cones!

Lilly spent the night with my mom and dad on Friday night. Mom was gracious enough to take her home after our dinner together, so that I could sleep in. I was coming down with a cold and these 5:15 mornings are really starting to wear me down. It was WONDERFUL to look at the clock see that it was 6 and be able to roll right back over and sleep until 8:30!!
Lilly loves to stroll her baby in her stroller up and down the driveway. Usually my mom has another baby doll in her stroller, strolling right beside her!!
Mom and Dad took lots of pictures this Saturday morning. Lilly loves to play peek-a-boo in the bricks leading up to our back door. I thought this picture was too cute!!
She loves to play in the back of Boo's truck. The back of her daddy's truck is a danger zone, so it is off limits. Boo's truck is perfect for a little girl to play in!! Of course she wants someone to be doing it with her. She is not satisfied until someone gets in with her....and of course Mamie is the sucker for it everytime!
Lilly and Boo went walking and they found Uncle Tom's fun fun! She and Boo had to try it out!
Friday night, me, Brian, Sam, Lilly and Anna Lauren loaded up and went to Tunica. We ate at the Catfish Warehouse and watched the Turnrow Cowboys play. Lilly loves to dance and last time she loved it. She did have a great time again, but Anna Lauren had the better time, I do believe. She never left the stage! She danced all night!
Anna Clay Worsham was there too and she and Lilly had a great time running around the entire trying to get into the kitchen! My goodness, those girls are busy. Here they are laid out on the floor, where they stayed most of the time, having a stare down!!
Sam came to see us this week and she brought Lilly some pink hair. How funny is this?! She loved looking at herself in the mirror. She just laughs and laughs!

Another week has started! We are busy once again, but we can't complain. We are all happy and healthy! I hope you all have a FABULOUS week. The Atwood's will have more to report next week, becasue this weekend we are Starkville bound....GO BULLDOGS!!
Sara Whitten

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I need a little lift and it makes me soooo happy when I check the blog and it has been updated! :) Can't wait to see that little girl again. XOXO
- Aunt My