Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Horse, My Popcorn, My Sam and My Bows

Lilly's PopPop gave her this horse for Christmas and just within the last two weeks she has really started to use it and like it for what it was made for, rocking. She has always like to pet it, look at it and punch the button to make it "gallop", but riding it, not so much! Well, look out, because we might have a cowgirl on our hands!
Popcorn at night is getting to be more and more frequent at our house with Lilly. Usually it's Lilly and her Daddy, but on this night she and Sam shared some popcorn. Daddy was gone, so Sam filled in. Lilly gets excited when she hears it in the microwave....too cute! She was in her Daddy's chair, eating her popcorn, drinking her smoothie and watching her MSU DAWGS! What a life!
Lilly loves for someone to sit with her and beside her. She will be sitting on the chair or floor, point to you and pat her hand on the seat, grunting for you to sit beside her. She was doing this to Sam the whole time...she is infatuated with Sam's nursing ID!
Saturday morning, she goes to the bow drawer and starts saying, "bow, bow". I opened the drawer and she found BIG BOWS. We are starting to wear bigger bows these days, so I racked up on some at the flea market last month. She saw them, was so excited and had to have them all in her hair at ONCE....she would run to the mirror and die out laughing at herself. It was way too funny.
Now, please ask how long she kept her ONE bow in for church the next morning? MAYBE 10 minutes and that is pushing it!
She does know that when we "dress up" she has to start out with a bow. When getting dressed she says "shoes, bow, shoes, bow" She knows if those two things are on her body then that means....GO! She is just like her mama....She likes to GO, GO, GO!!
I hope all of you are having a great week We are loving life these days. The weather is bearable, Lilly is too much fun, I am FINALLY getting into a routine at school, and Brian does not seem AS stressed with work...GOD is GOOD and He is continues to provide for our every need. My cup runneth over!
Sara Whitten

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Anonymous said...

Loved the bows! She is such a sweetie. This is a fun time. Love ya, Aunt Betty