Monday, September 6, 2010

MSU Game Day and our visit to Starkville!

Lilly and I made a trip to Starkville. She and I left Friday night and we spend the night with the Jackson Family. Norma was my Sunday School teacher in college and I babysat for them during my years there. We still keep in great touch, so it was so good to be able to get in a visit with them as well!

Lilly made herself right at home at the tent. She loved eating her pretzels and drinking her sprite right in the middle of things!

We went for a stroll when she started to get a little fussy and she was out in no time. She took a great nap that afternoon and was all ready for the big game after some shut eye!

My Daddy was there, so we hung out with him for most of the day. He and Lilly ventured off to see Bully, who she was not too fond of. I could not believe that, but then she wanted to keep going back to him. I think next time she will fly right into his arms!! Lilly loved playing with her "Boo" all day...she had great fun!

We found Will Howell, her best older buddy! He is Anna Lauren's older brother, so he and Lilly are together every day! He is so sweet to her and she LOVES him! They played in the open field and she even tried to get on the big bouncy slide with him. She is just not quite big enough!

Lilly smiling big in the Boo's arms and loving every minute of it!!

As I said, Lilly and I spent the weekend with the Jackson Family. Below is Paisley, their daughter who is all grown up. Monica and I were over at their house constantly while in college. It was our home away from home. Their family treated us so wonderfully. I can't believe that my Pais is a SENIOR in college. She is beautiful and I am so proud of her!

Paisley was Lilly's hero this weekend, because she brought her 4 pound new puppy over and, as you can imagine, Lilly had a blast playing with him. His name is CASH and is the cutest thing. He is just the right size for her. They had so much fun playing in that box together!

Lilly and Cash! Poor Cash...being attacked by the 18 month old!

I must say that I have been waiting a long time for the day that I could bring my little girl to a MSU ballgame. I love Mississippi State. I love the school and the people, but most of all I love who I became when I was there. My years at MSU helped make me the person that I am today. I met some of the most amazing people there and my very best friends I met there as well. When I am there, I have so many emotions going on. I just want to sit back and take it all in and there is never enough time to see or do all that I wish I could! I like going back, because everyone loves to visit a place that makes them feel good. That is what MSU does for me...I feel good when I am there. I thank God and my parents for the opportunity to have such a once and a lifetime experience. Having Lilly on campus with me this weekend was the icing on the cake!


Sara Whit

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