Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday LaLa and MSU Homecoming

WARNING: This post is really out of whack! It is all in this random just bear with me and enjoy!!

Go State! We had a great time at the MSU Homecoming game! Look at the pictures below and you can tell!

Boo and Lilly had a great time at the game! I love this picture of them-PRICELESS!

Having a great time, cheering on the DAWGS!

Lilly and Ward, loving on each other! This will be PRICELESS at their rehearsal dinner!
Lilly is loving on Ward, but Ward is just not feeling it!
We interrupt this Bulldog post to bring you a very important birthday celebration!

One of our favorite people in the world celebrated a birthday on Monday. "LaLa", as she is affectionately called these days, turned 27?! (I think, I just know that she is a lot younger than me!) As our usual tradition, we all gathered at my parents' house to have a wonderful steak dinner and get in a good visit! Here Lilly is with Aunt LaLa posing with her and the present she gave her!

Lilly loves her Uncle Tom!

Lilly had so much fun at the birthday dinner. She loves the dogs in Tunica, especially, Big Bubba!
Lilly and Uncle Tom went on a frog hunt! They found 3 tree frogs and they were all sleeping.

Uncle Tom caught one, FINALLY, and she was so excited!

She did like it, but DID NOT want to touch it!
So, now, we get back to our weekend at State!
We had another great day in Starkville on Saturday. My great, good friend Ashley Bloodworth Bianchi and I took our 1 year olds with us! Crazy? Maybe?! We really had a great time. It was a wonderful day and we will always have that wonderful memory.

It was Homecoming at MSU this weekend, so since Ashley and I were Phi Mu's together we decided to visit the house. We gave ourselves a tour and when we went down the hall where all the girls lived, Lilly was flying in and out of all of them. She found two girls that of course were

Anna Lauren came to her first MSU game and they were so excited to see each other. This was the best picture I could get of them...sad, I know!

Watching intently at Will getting his face painted!
My friend Molly thought that she was going to just throw Lilly in Bully's lap, because Lilly had been throwing a fit to see him. When Molly got up there with her, this was the response we got!! That little "stinker"!

Ashley with both Lilly and Ward!

Lilly got to play with Honey and D, David and Norma Jackson, for about 2 hours! I must say that it was a very welcomed treat. I know that Lilly had a blast, as well!

Chuck and Jackie Cariker park their golf carts at our tent. You know a golf cart is one of Lilly's favorite things. They are so nice to just let her climb all over it!
Lilly met a little friend at the game. Being the social butterfly that she is, she made friends with the 6 year old little boy that say right in front of us. He was quite taken with her too!

Jordan and Lilly just laying back, watching the game!

So, this crew gave out about half time. Sissy, Betsy, wanted to catch a ride back with us to Senatobia, so SQUEEZED her in! We took this picture, so she and I could show it to Brian and hope that he would feel real sorry for both of us and go buy us a new car! It did not work! I know all of you are very surprised!

Our life is NEVER boring! We love it and are so blessed! Thanks for checking in our family!
We love you all!
Sara Whit

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