Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and more Fun!

Lilly and Anna Lauren had a great time on Friday night together. After staying all day together, you would think that they would get tired of playing with each other. Every day they both cry when Lilly and I have to leave. Super sweet friends, they are going to be. I am so thankful that Lilly is going to be able to grow up with such a sweet friend that has parents who have the same beliefs and values that Brian and I have. I pray for her friends each and every day. I know that as a girl, it's going to have its rough moments, but I know that it's all part of life.

Here are the two Halloween cuties posing for a picture!
This is a common scene when they are together. Lilly loves to "get" on Anna Lauren and AL loves to run from her! Here it is captured on film! Also, Lilly has finally learned to say Anna Lauren's name.....well sort of! She says "Wawren". She has not mastered the Anna part just yet, but I feel sure that we will get there!!
Sam, our WONDERFUL babysitter, was the mastermind behind this pumpkin carving event. I take no credit. Poor Lilly, if it was not for Sam, Lilly would not have had a pumpkin this year! Sam and her "man" T. Robert came over on Friday night to do the carving. The girls love T. and Lilly just 'hollers' "T" all throughout the house all the time. He is so sweet to them. Here is reading to both the girls. They both LOVE a good book.
Anna Lauren and Lilly posing with their pumpkins that Sam painted for them FIRST....isn't she so good! My family is so blessed!
It took Lilly a good minute to decide that she wanted to be involved in this craft! She watched both Brian and T. get all the gook out and she wanted nothing to do with it. She is much like her mama and does not like to get her hands dirty. When the pumpkin was all cleaned out, she decided that she would participate.
Brian and T. digging the "gook" out of the pumpkins. Such troopers they are!!
Here Lilly is again, investigating a little more of this pumpkin business!
And here the girls are viewing in awe of the finished product. Lilly kept pointing saying, "Oh, pretty."

Anna Lauren and Will also came over for a visit this week. They had fun playing the tent all together!

Lilly is obviously wanting to give AL a great big kiss!!

Sam decided that Lilly has enough hair for a pony tail. Look how cute her hair is. Also, the boots. Will came over in his boots and took them off, immediately. Lilly loves shoes, especially boots. Her daddy wears them everyday, and she and Gunner fight over who is going to bring them to him. So, it was so funny when we all caught her earnestly putting on Will's boots!

Betsy has graced us with her presence quite a lot lately and we are so glad. We miss her when she does not come around. She does love her Brian and he loves her so much too. She has her driver's license now, so as you can imagine, she is always on the go!
This picture is a rare moment, and Bets and I both were like, "Hurry, get the camera!" Although, Lil loves her "sissy", they have gotten to where they love to "fight". They chase each other and Lilly thinks it is extremely funny to run from her when Betsy see asks her for a kiss. She will say "uh - uh" when Betsy asks her to do something. It is really pretty comical. I am not sure how to convey to her that the only person she can act this way to is her sissy, though!!! So, below was a rare moment, when Lilly decided that she wanted to snuggle up with Betsy!
Stay tuned to a post full of Halloween day fun!!

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