Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jake is Two and Anderson is baptised

I can't believe it, but our little neighbor, Jake, is 2! It seems like just yesterday that this little monkey was born. I remember the day so very well. Two years ago we were praying night and day for him, because he was born premature! Now, you would never know it! How precious he is and how much our family loves this little man.


Maggie was a life saver at Jake's birthday party. She just took over when it came to Lilly. They had so much fun together. Thanks, Maggie, for all you do to help me! We all love you so very much!

Lilly had a great time painting her pumpkin. She has never had any dealings with paint before, so this was quite interesting! She ended painting some other things, as well, like herself!! Also, I would like to add that they were to wear their Halloween costume to the party. Lilly is a ballerina this year, and she can even twirl for you!!

The little ballerina, very intent on the paint...notice the pumpkin is gone! She also had a great time with two friends that we rarely see. Maddox McMinn and Emerson Yount sat with Lilly at the table and she had a great time with them! It's so cute seeing them interact!

Lee Taylor and Lilly. Lee Taylor is another sweet friend that is so sweet to Lilly. We love to see "Lee Lee" coming!

The hay ride was a hit! The little ones loved it. Cliff just pulled them around the yard, but they did not want to get off. After the party, Jake and Lilly got in the trailer and kept saying "go", so Cliff went again and again!!

Maddox and Lilly became fast friends. She even was saying his name, by the end of the day! They look like brother and sister with their blond hair and blue eyes!!

Below is Lilly with all of her buddies that love taking care of her. Lee Taylor, Lizzie and Maggie. She is so very blessed, and so am I to have them in my life!

Lilly in the sand box, in her ballerina costume with two boys! Anyway, what can I say? She was having a blast. Right now, that's all that matters!

Anderson Schoggin was baptized on Sunday! It was such a sweet day. He was baptized at Getwell Road United Methodist Church. The Atwood Family went for the event. Brian has the honor of being Anderson's God Father. I am so happy for him and he is very honored. We love you, Anderson, and are going to try our very best to be the hands and feet of Jesus to you!

Lilly, Brian, Sara Whit, Andy, Anderson and Monica after the baptism!

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