Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Fun Day and Halloween Night

So, you ask why I post a picture that you can barely see? I do this to let you know that in that picture, far away from me, is Lilly Whit....RIDING A HORSE! We all know that she likes animals, but getting on them and riding them, I thought would be out of the question.
We went to our church's fall fun day on the day of Halloween. The minute we got there, Lilly saw the horses. We walked up and she loved petting them, but then she kept wanting to get on. So, a precious little girl that we call KK was riding and she said, "hop on Lilly, I can hold you." Lilly never looked back! She LOVED riding the horse.
She and KK, getting ready to take off!

Saying "cheese" and praying I am not going to come take her off!!
She looks like a natural! I immediately sent a few pics to Uncle Chuck to let him know that it looks like we are ready for our first horse a little sooner than we thought!!
And here is the cowgirl herself, about to throw a big fit because Mama is coming to get her down. I mean we can't spend the entire 2 hours on the horse!!
The fall fun day wrapped up and we literally got into costume in the car. Lilly had a one stop to make in town before heading back into our neighborhood. Sam's grandaddy lives in town and he does love the girs. We wanted him to see the ballerina, so we made a quick stop there, then headed back to our house!
We were really not sure what the night would have in store, so were were just going to play it by here. We usually have quite a few trick-or-treaters, so we thought that we would just dress Lilly up and let her give out candy. Maggie, dressed as a baby, and Martin, dressed as I am not sure, came by to see there little friend. They all three love each other so much Lilly was so glad to see them!
Just to let you know, I totally undersestimate my child daily. I thought there was no way that she would have any idea about Halloween, but she proved me wrong. Brian and I decided to pull her in the wagon just to a few houses on our street. We would get her out, line her up with the door and tell her to go to the door and knock. She did exactly as we said. When she got to the door, she would knock and say "knock, knock"! It was WAY too cute. Of course everyone was so sweet to her, as she dug into that candy bowl. We would get ready to go and I would say, "what do you tell them?" She always said "thank you". She even said "love you" to a few familiar faces. I was so proud of her and I can't tell you how cute it was! I am so glad that Brian and I did that !
After I 4 houses of trick -or- treating we went back to the plan of handing out candy! We also had a few visitors! Lilly was visited by a witch. I thought, again, that she would be scared, but oh no, she went right to her and started investigating that nose!
It was too funny, becasue I think that she did recognize the voice and some features of the witch, but just could not quite place her!! It was our neighbor, Gay Bell, who Lilly dearly loves! That was a fun visit and I am so glad that Lilly was such a good sport!
Betsy, and Sidney and the little girls, as we like to call them came over to play with us and hand out candy! Lilly and Sid had fun sitting on the front step waiting on trick -or- treaters!
And here is one last shot of the ballerina! She had such a fun night! Next year is going to be OUT OF CONTROL! I can't wait!
We love you all!
The Atwood's

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