Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sister

So, after a long day of teaching 5th graders, my sister-in-law, Laura, and my hubby picked me up at Horn Lake Intermediate School, and we headed to Nashville, TN. My sister, Myra, was a having a BIRTHDAY BASH on the 31st floor of a building in Printers Alley! We rolled into Nashville about 7 and the party started at 8. A quick change and a trip to TARGET, because my oh so great wonderful husband had my AWESOME, PERFECT top for the birthday bash, MISTAKEN for a piece of FABRIC, and he left it on the chair. Mind you, it was on a hanger, he just THOUGHT that it could NOT be a shirt! And, girls, I PROMISE that it is a super cute shirt.
Anyway, we had a great night celebrating with my oh so crazy sister!
Myra and my Daddy dancing the night away!
Myra, posing with her new Snuggie that her friend, Shelly, gave her! Katie Smith George, who is practically part of our family, me and Myra, posing at the party. Katie left her husband and 2 precious boys at home to come celebrate. She was Myra's roomie at Mississippi State.
Doesn't my sweet friend Kathleen look Fantastic!? She is actually BFF with my sister in law, Laura, but I think that it's okay to claim her myself, as well. She is also a faithful blog follower, and that just makes me so happy! It was great to see you, sweet Kathleen! I hope that you had a great time watching your tide beat my dawgs this weekend!
The sisters!

The family, all but Tom and Lilly! They stayed at home and missed all the fun!
And what is a blog post without some Lilly Whit action? Although she stayed at home, she had tons of fun! Sam, spent the night and they are always on the go have a large time.
Lilly has found her winter hat and mittens that I got her a couple of months ago. I really thought that she would hate the mittens, but once again, I was so very wrong. She loves to wear them around the house. On this day, she had misplace one, so she just used a sock instead!
She is having so much fun just dancing with those mitten hands.Look at the sweet little thing!! I missed her terribly!! Thanks, Sam, for taking such good care of her. My, I hope that you had an INCREDIBLE birthday!

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Kathleen said...

YES! I made the blog! SW, I had a great time being with you and Laura! Come visit us more and give that sweet Lilly a hug for me...XOXO