Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome Emma Kate and Fun with Friends!

Welcome the world Emma Kathryn Lucka! One of my oldest and dearest friends gave birth to a precious baby girl last Monday. I could not get there fast enough to see her. She is absolutely perfect and such a miracle.

Paige and I were roommates our freshman year at MSU and we also were in the same sorority, Phi Mu. We have a lot of funny memories and pretty much EVERY, SINGLE thing about each other. We lived together again for about 6 months when I was 29. She was kind enough to let me move in with her until Brian and I got married. I am so happy for you, my sweet friend, and can't wait for you to experience all the joys that a little girl will bring.

Speaking of OLD and DEAR friends, my oldest and dearest friend in the whole world came for a quick visit about 2 weeks ago. Jett and I are 5 days apart and have not known life without each other in it. The very first time that we were a part was when we went to different universities. We still managed to burn up the roads between schools. Neither one of us ever wanted to miss one single thing anywhere. She lives in Atlanta, GA now, with her husband and 3 little ones. Lilly was totally in love with her youngest baby, William. Brian could not believe that I was letting Lilly hold him. I told him that ONLY Jett's baby would I let her hold. She is that dear of a friend to me! If my 20 month old, drops her 3 month old, forgiveness will come automatically!!

3 Little Monkey's Jumping on the bed.....this is what these babies are....sweet little MONKEYS! Jett's oldest, Jack, Lilly and her only girl and middle child, Georgia. I loved how they just felt right at home at my house and they all had so much fun!
Look at those sweet friends!! This picture just makes my heart smile. I even think that they look alike. My mom said that Jett and I looked alike too, when were that age. I am so sad that I did not get a picture of us, but I promise we were a little overwhelmed! I was so happy to have them come for a visit, it was just not long enough!!
Sidney showed up with ice cream for all the other night. We were all so happy to see her, especially Lilly! She was in heaven!

She ate some with her Sissy too!

Here is our little Miss Priss, catching up with her Elmo and eating a little snack!
We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving! We do have so much to be thankful for and are so very blessed. We have more than we deserve, and I feel that we are always wanting more! How guilty I am of that! We have had a tough couple of months, with my family losing Parker, but this tragedy has helped me to not take ONE SINGLE day for granted. I am going to cherish my time with my loved ones this week! PLEASE heed my advice and treasure your family time this week. It can all change in the blink of an eye!

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