Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoo Lights, A Parade and Tree Decorating

Welcome to Zoo Lights! Lilly and I joined my friends Kristen and Paige for a trip to the Memphis Zoo to see this beautiful festival of lights. It was Olivia Kate's birthday, so she took three friends and then Paige and I took Lilly, Hastings and Carson to join them. We had a great time and the zoo was absolutely beautiful. It even wasn't very cold. It was a perfect night for Olivia Kate to celebrate her birthday!

Here is the "crazy crew" below! They all had a blast!

There was ice skating rink at the zoo, so the older kids tried their luck on the rink. I WISH that we had a video camera, because we would win the top prize on America's Funniest Home Videos. The boys were too funny. They would hit the ice and then pop right back up and they were NOT scared! Lilly had the best view in the whole place, on top of Paige's shoulders, and loved every minute of watching her "big" friends.

They even played a little game of "peek-a-boo" while she was up there! How thankful I am for my friend, Paige, who is such a great friend to me. She loves Lilly like she is her own, and is always taking care of her for me! I love ya, friend and am thankful for you!

We stopped for popcorn and hot chocolate! Lilly of course saw the popcorn and jumped out of her stroller for it! She does love her some "pop torn".

And here are the BRAVE, BRAVE mama's and one "aunt", Paige, Kristen, Sara Whit and Lauren Booth. Lauren dates Kristen's brother Kyle and they were there celebrating with Olivia Kate. Lauren is also from Tunica, and she was in my Bible Study when she was 15 years old! My, how time flies. Anyway, it was a great night spending it with her, as well!Welcome to TAYLOR, Mississippi, home of theSHORTEST, but the BEST Christmas parade in 7 counties. Lilly and I ventured to Taylor, MS after lunch on Saturday to see my new, good friend Gini. I wanted to see her little home in Taylor, and she told me about the parade, so it was the perfect time to visit! Below is a picture of one of the floats, Santa and his elves!

Lilly and Gini had a great time sitting on the sidewalk together in front of Taylor Grocery watching the parade together. I stood back and took pictures and let Lilly have her Gini all to herself.

Each float threw out candy and Lilly loved going to pick up pieces of it after each float came by!

Here is the little parade watcher saying, "more, more". She LOVED it, and danced the whole time. She was REALLY sad when Gini and I had to tell her it was over. She just kept pointing and saying more! We thought about going to where it ended up, but we quickly decided that by the time we got there it would be done. We got to downtown Taylor at 3:00 and we were back to Gini's house at 3:15. Short, Sweet and tons of fun!!

So, here are our new friends Payton and Gini Bramlett posing with Lilly. For some reason Lilly wanted to show off her blue tongue she got from the parade. Payton and Gini are from Georgia. Ole Miss Law School brought them to Mississippi. They have been married 8 months and are starting their new life in Taylor. I met Gini, because she works with me. You heard me, SHE WORKS WITH ME in HORN LAKE, MS. She did not have a job in July, so she had to start looking for one anywhere. Horn Lake Intermediate School offered her one, so that is how she ended up being my friend. Of course when I found out that she was living in Oxford, I immediately told her just to park her car at my house and hop in with me. The Lord sent me Gini. She is one TOUGH gal, and is such a positive influence in my life. She is persevering with such a great attitude. She teaches me to not to "sweat the small stuff" and to enjoy TODAY. How thankful I am for my new friend!
Of course I think that my child is one of the smartest 21 month olds in the world, but it took her a minute to get the whole "putting the ornaments on the tree" concept. She wanted to hold them all. When we would put them on the tree, she would say, "bully, want it", or "melmo, want it". I think now she understands that the tree is there for decoration. She now "ooohsss and ahhhhs when she walks in the room.
THANK GOODNESS LuLu and Betsy walked in the house when I was wrestling with the new "ribbon" that I got for my tree this year, because it was about to be BAD! LuLu, Lilly and I decorated the tree. Betsy and Brian sat, watched and ate Hamburger Helper. After the tree decorating, Lilly and LuLu relaxed on the couch and Lilly stole LuLu's sweet tea. She loves that Sonic ice!!

May your Holiday Season be full of PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

Love to All,

The Atwoods


Laura said...

Whitty your tree looks GREAT! I want to come see it and play with that munchkin in her too-cute pink tobaggan. Love her face!
~Aunt La La.

gini said...

So fun! :) I posted the picture of her helping Payton study on my blog!! Happy day!