Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bringing in 2011 with a Bulldog Win!

Happy New Year!

If you know me well, or at all, you know that I just love my Mississippi State Bulldogs. My favorite thing to do is to be on the campus of MSU doing anything, since I graduated in 1999, the only time that I am on the campus is usually for sporting events. I know that some people think that I am a little over the top about my DAWGS, but it is something that means a WHOLE lot to me. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are great in football, ha, because we usually are not, or that because of my education I have a job where I just make tons of money, ha, because I don't. In my years at MSU, I became the person that I was truly supposed to be. I made friends that are like no other, and I miss them everyday. They believed in me, a lot more than I believed in myself, and they loved me for exactly who I was. They cheered me on and were often the ones signing me up for things that I knew nothing about and that gave me some precious memories. WOW....was God good to me in those 4 and a half awesome years! I also developed a relationship with my Heavenly Father while at MSU and because of the people that the Lord put in my path, I realized that He, alone, was more than enough to meet my needs, and that I wanted to serve Him as long as I was on this Earth.

So, all that to say, those are just some of the reasons that I LOVE my Mississippi State Bulldogs, and why WINNING the Gator Bowl was such a WONDERFUL way to ring in 2011.

It just was not financially possible for us to make it to Jacksonville this year, so of course I wanted to have a Bowl Game Party. I invited anybody who was a fan or not a fan to come watch the Gator Bowl. We had a great time and it was EXTRA great because the MSU Bulldogs beat Michigan 52-14...WOO HOO....Go SEC!

Below are some of the pics that were taken throughout the day!

Lilly and her Daddy, cheering on the DAWGS!
Lilly wearing her very own Lady GaGa wig, that Aunt LaLa gave her in her dress up box at Christmas...this picture made facebook right after the game was over...this was Betsy's status and under it said "Go STATE". TOO MUCH...I tell ya!
RaRa, Lucy, Lilly and Anderson having a blast on the floor! Grandma Shirley and Lilly right after her nap, she is getting geared up for the game!

Lilly sitting with Uncle Cliff.
Jake and Martin getting crazy with the pom-poms! I must add that my Johnston neighbor/friends are technically NOT state fans. They tend to pull for that other team (Ole Miss Black Bear Rebels), but they came over to our party and they even put Jake, their 2 year old, in a MSU jersy. (I gave it to him, but that's beside the point!) I was so proud!!

What a great day we all had together!

Here's to many more great days and bulldog wins in the year 2011!!

Love to All,
Sara Whit

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