Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family and thoughts on the new year!

Happy Birthday Anna! A few days after Christmas, my mom and her two nieces came over to my house. Her two nieces were raised with her, so they are like her sisters. In fact, I always just refer to them as her sisters, because it is much easier that way. My "aunt" NoNo, as we affectionately call her brought her granddaughter with her. It happened to be her birthday the next day, so we had a little party for her. I think that Lilly was more excited about the party than Anna! She was REAL in to the cupcakes, and did not understand why Anna wanted to play first instead of digging right in.

They both had the best time playing with each other. This picture was taken at the end of our visit, when Lilly has stripped her cute top off to eat her cupcake and refused to put it back on. I think that Anna looks just like her Daddy's sister, Nikki, and Lilly looks just like my brother, Tom. We laugh about that! It's so funny how that happens. It does make for a proud Aunt and Uncle though!
Blurry, blurry picture of them playing together on Lilly's riding toys.

Anna showing Lilly how to use her new kitchen. I am so glad that Anna came over, because it really took her playing with Lilly for Lil to know just how to "do it". She does love a big girl, so it was great for her to be their.

Another blurry picture of Anna showing Lilly Whit how to set the table. Now I find Lilly sitting at her table pretending that she is drinking and eating. It is so cute. She even goes to the dog food, fishes some out, puts it on a plate, places it on her table and calls for Gunner to come eat with her. PRECIOUS!
And here they are, NoNo (Lynoir) my Mom (Lilibeth) and Libby. We have had so much fun over the years with them and their children. Growing up would not have been as fun without my NoNo, Libby and their children, Owen, Nicki, Bobby and Cameron. We have lots of memories and stories to tell. I still remember vividly visiting both of them and spending the night and playing with my cousins from sun up to sun down.

So, this wraps up the year of 2010! It was full of excitement, blessings and heartbreak, all in one. My family is still reeling from Parker's death, and we miss him so much. Time does heal the rawness of our wound. This is not our "first rodeo" with losing someone we love so much. Our hearts still are heavy each day as we miss Cameron and Grandmama. We were all heavy hearted at Christmas this year, but at the same time, full of love for life and each other. I know that we all were all so thankful to be with each other, and we did not take it for granted. Every day is so precious. Here's to a blessed and prosperous 2011.

My hope and prayer is that I can be the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that the Lord has called me to be. I want others to know that the love I have for them is from Christ and that because of Him, I have peace and joy. Only by God's grace, alone, am I where I am today. He has delivered me from the pit so many times and I am here to testify that HE ALONE is all that I need. He has blessed me with a wonderful family and so many terrific friends, and for that I am truly grateful. I am also very aware "that too much is given, much is expected". I pray that I will meet those expectations this year, as 2011 is now here....a new start, with more knowledge and wisdom than last year, THANKS BE TO GOD!

Love you all,
Sara Whit

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Shannon said...

Loving all the pictures...I haven't been a good blog commenter lately =) Thanks for your sweet thoughts...here's to a wonderful year!! Miss you, and love you!!