Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday H&P and Lilly goes on Vacation!

Lilly's good friends, Hayden and Piper Brown, turned 3 on Saturday and we went to celebrate with them. Hayden and Piper are the twin girls of my dear friend Tabitha. Tabitha and I went to MSU together and were also in the same sorority (Phi Mu). What a sweet and glorious site it was to see her in church one lone Sunday when Brian and I first started visiting FUMC. Familiar faces and old friends are just the sweetest gifts. So, the rest is history. It did not take long for Tabitha and I to reunite and bring our girls together.

The girls had a play-doh and coloring party. Tab and Chad covered their living room floor with visquene (sp?) and a paper drop cloth. The children were allowed to color on the "floor" and play with play-doh until their hearts were content.

Lilly found a baby, so she was occupied with this precious little one. This is Mattie Kate getting force fed her passy from Lilly. Poor Misty was probably cringing the entire time. Thanks, Misty, for a being such a laid back first time mama! Lilly needs a baby, maybe soon!

Lilly giving Mattie love.....

Lilly getting in a kiss, while making sure she is getting captured on film.....she immediately wanted to "see it" after the picture was taken.
Who let Jake loose with a bottle of juice? Not a wise decision! DISASTER waiting to happen right there. I think that we managed to get it out of his hands just in time. That cute little boy is "something else" and I love him, oh so very much!
Most children like to use the easel to draw pretty pictures on, not Lilly, she likes to climb in them and hide. She does with every easel she comes in contact with. Birthday girl, Piper, in the background thinks Lilly is way too silly.
On Monday, Lilly was picked up early from the babysitter by her PopPop and Grandma Shirley (Brian's dad and stepmom). They took her to Tupelo where she spend two nights. It sure was lonely at her house, and we had all this extra time on our hands. She had a great time. I think that they spent countless hours at the mall riding the merry-go-round and the train.

It's calling for snow in this area AGAIN today. The jury is still out if we will get any. Us teachers at HLIS are crossing our fingers that they will let school out early. That way we still get the day, but freed a few hours earlier than usual. Who knows??


gini said...

would be nice....

The Murphree Family said...

Hey Lilly! I am sitting in my mama's lap screaming your name as she looks at your blog. I really can't wait until we can cook in the kitchen, have tea, and take care of our babies again--fun stuff!!

Kate Ross