Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday and Lil and AL

Our friends Carter and Paige Norris invited us over to watch the Super Bowl. Carter and his brothers are HUGE Steelers fans, so I guess we were going for the Steelers. I could have cared less. I was just happy that we had some place to go watch it. It seems that we are always sitting at home during the Super Bowl, so this was a welcomed change. I wanted the Steelers to win so my hosts would be HAPPY!
There they are, the brothers, watching intently! You were not allowed in that room unless you were focused on the game. I broke the rules a few times. OOPS!
Lilly saw the cheese dip the moment we came in the door and that was all she could focus on until she got some. She enjoyed herself, as you can tell.
Then, Will Prince came through the door and she wanted to wash those hands and get her hands on that baby. She LOVES playing with him and gets so excited when she sees Miss Kristen walking through the door with the baby. Lilly and "Auba", as Lilly affectionately calls her, had fun playing with Will.
So, Miss Paige made mini cupcakes and I new that Lilly would enjoy ONE. I gave her one and she was overjoyed, clapping and jumping while saying, "cupcakes". She devoured it and of course said, "more". I may or may not have given her another one, but that was all. You can tell by this face that she was enjoying herself.

The cupcakes were on a small table that was within her reach and after I told her no more, I saw her grap another one out of the corner of my eye. I did my, "Mama said no, Lilly" routine and then moved the cupcakes to the counter, thinking they would be out of her reach and site. I came back into the kitchen and saw this!! My little girl loves her some "cupcakes"!

After we cleaned up from the cupcakes, Miss Paige had her usual lap full of babies. Lilly loves babies, but she also has a BAD jealous bone, and she doesn't take to well to "her people" loving on anyone else. She insisted on being in Paige's lap, as well! Paige being the great sport that she is, was fine with it. Everytime this happens, she reminds me that this "was her" a few short years ago. Lilly and Will are 17 months apart and so are her 2, Aubrey and Hastings. I could not do it....there is no way!

They dismissed my school at 11:20 on Wednesday becasue of the snow storm that was headed our way. I just beat the snow and Brooke's school did not let out until 12:30, so she was caught in it. I relieved our babysitter and took Anna Lauren home with me. She was so excited to be going and Lilly was so excited to have her at "her" house this time. She did not share any better, but she was excited, none the less. They look like 2 rag-a-muffins sitting in that chair watching Elmo. We had a fun day. Brooke called me at 1:00 to say that she was just getting on the interstate and that it was bad. TWO and a HALF hours later, she arrived. Frazzled, but SAFE.

I am very sad, because my camera is on the blink. Not sure what is wrong. Brian says, it's done, but does not seem very concerned about doing anything about it. So, I know his mom, sisters and aunts are reading this, and I want you to start flooding him with, texts, phone calls, emails, whatever it takes to get me another camera. No camera, No you all and I hope that my next post is sooner than later!
Love to all,
Sara Whit

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