Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lilly Turns 2 Party #1

I must start off this blog WARNING you that it is going to be just a bit obnoxious. I am just overly excited that I have pictures to post and I feel VERY behind. Since this blog also serves as my scrapbook I want to document all that we have done.....with that to say, read only if you want to see dozens of pictures of my child and hear about all the happenings of her birthday weekend. I have wanted my ENTIRE life (just ask my mom) to do these sorts of things with my own child, and I am so thankful to be able to have her now to have birthday "weekends". So, we were busy and we had fun....Before I begin these series of posts...I have a few "shout outs" I want to give! Brian's family who traveled VERY long distances to be with us. I am SO VERY SAD that I don't have pics to post of them. I have been at the mercy of Sam and Laura for pictures these days, so I could not capture everyone! Brian's mom, Grammy, flew in from Maryland on Thursday and stayed with us until Monday. It was so special to have her hear with us. Brian's Aunt Sharon and Uncle John DROVE 14 hours from there home in North Port, Florida to visit, as well. They all 3 did so much to help me and worked like dogs the entire time they were here, washing clothes, cleaning, cooking....I miss them TERRIBLY...COME BACK PLEASE! THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH!

Myra, my sister, came from Nashville and she, too, stayed 2 nights. She took Lilly to a birthday party that early afternoon on Saturday and that allowed the rest of us to prepare. We had a house full of love for the weekend.

Friday, February 25, 2011 was Lilly's actual birthday. I am going to blame Party #1 on Sam, because she INSISTED that we celebrate with a cake and a few presents on her actual day. So, I gave in and I am glad that I did. It was fun and it gave her some practice for her party...HA HA! Here she is posing with her favorite babysitter of all time, Sam! Sam made her the cute cupcake shirt that she has on!

T. Robert is Sam's boyfriend and Lilly is crazy about him, also...can't you tell from the "cheese face" that she is making?

Eagerly awaiting her cake that she was so excited about partaking of. My baby loves some cake. She is her mother's child!
She was enamored with the candles. She did a great job of blowing them out. She wanted to eat them after, though. Maggie, her dear friend, stopped in for a bite of cake. Maggie and her mom and dad have become such special friends to us. Ellen owns a flower shop in town and does amazing work. She offered to decorate for the party, and it looked fabulous. Ellen, Lynda and I had a great time decorating while the rest of the family went out to eat. It was so special to share this time with them. It does my heart good to be with them both. Lilly wanted to share with LuLu, too. She is a very generous child with most things. I am sure that Jake and Anna Lauren would disagree with me here. They don't share all that well together.

Uncle John decided that Lilly was not enjoying her cake as much she should, so he decided to help her out. She did not seem to mind one bit!
CAKE FACE! "This day has been FANTASTIC. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, everyone, for coming to my birthday. I love you all so very much", says Lilly

Stay tuned for PARTY #2

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