Monday, March 7, 2011

Lilly turns 2 - Party #2

Party #2...the big deal!

This post is all about the big day of Lilly's Candy themed birthday party. It was a GORGEOUS day and the party was perfect. We were in and out all day long just playing, visiting and surrounding the birhday girl with lots of love.

Here she is waiting on her guests to arrive. As I said before, her party was a "sweet" one, decorated with cupcakes and all things sweet. Ellen, my dear friend, gave me the idea, and then proceded to tell me that she had all the decor for the occasion. I was pumped. So, it did look amazing, but I can take no credit. So thankful that I have such great and TALENTED friends.

My sister, Myra, and my parents before the party started. I took this picture to show the candy garland that was strung throughout the playroom.

Her favors, gumball machines! Having this party right after Valentine's Day was awesome...all the candy you want and it's on clearance!

I found this adorable chair cover at Kirkland's for $6!!! I love it and will use it for ALL birthdays that are celebrated in the Atwood Home!

Precious candy vases to decorate the buffet in the unfinished dining room!

Lilly's GIANT CUPCAKE CAKE that Sam made her! How perfect was this? It turned out so cute!
The whole view!

Lilly blowing out her candles....she did great!

Greeting her guests! She was so excited and I think knew that the party was for her!

In the excitement of greeting everyone, we had a little crash and burn fall. Uncle Tom was there to scoop her up and tell her to shake it off! She needed a little TLC from him for a brief moment but soon recovered and was back to playing!

Lilly and Anna Lauren hard at it....coloring!

The Atwood Family, how blessed we are!
Lilly: "Oh, Anna Lauren, I am so so so happy that you came to my party, that I just must kiss your face off." She loves her best buddy so very much...MOST OF THE TIME!

Lilly and Langston
"Oh, wow, they are all singing this song and I think it's for me!"

Proud Grandparents...Mamie and Boo

Lilly and girls.

Jumping on the trampoline....her favorite thing to do!

Lilly's big girl friends! She loves these girls. Thanks for loving Lilly so much! Olivia Kate, Aubrey Claire and Addison....three sweethearts!
This picture has turned out to be a crowd favorite throughout the family! The small table and chairs used to be ours when we were growing up. We did our homework at it, colored, ate, all sorts of things. I remember exactly where it was in our kitchen. Our backpacks would land on it right when we got in from school. I saw Tom sitting at it by himself that night and memories came flooding back....then a few minutes later, we saw this.....Lilly, Tom and Boo sitting at the table....too much!

And, fianlly, time with my sisters and a little "mama juice". It was needed after the long but fun day!
WOW....quite an event for a two year old, but it was so much fun! I can't describe the love and joy that Lilly has brought us the last 2 years. It is my prayer everyday that Brian and I can honor our Lord as we raise her.

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