Friday, March 11, 2011

My Battle Babies and other Special Friends!

So, my child, LOVES babies! In case you don't believe me......see below! And these are the same babies that we put to bed EVERY NIGHT. We even put Mickey Mouse to sleep if it will deter bed time...she is a mess, but oh so cute with those babies!

I am not sure why I don't have the picture of Lilly and Betsy, aka Sissy, from Sunday, but I couldn't leave her out, so I posted this one again. My Battle Babies are growing up so fast. I can't believe that the boys are gone and Bets is so independent theses days...she has her own wheels, so my taxi cab services are not really needed anymore!! The boys were home this past weekend, so we hung out with them on Sunday! It warmed my heart so to see the boys interacting with Lilly, and of course Lilly loving on her Sissy like she loves to do.

Lilly sees Houston probably the least of the three, but it still amazes me everytime he comes around. He was already at STATE when she was born, so he was not at all of the daily happenings of Lilly's first year of life. It doesn't seem to matter, though. She has an instant bond with him. She absolutely loves him and he does her. She watched the race with him for a little while.....

....and then decided that resting on his shoulder was much better! What a sweet sight!

Lilly making her "funny face" with Cooper...that is about par for the two of them. She has always liked Cooper. I mean, the boy was there 24 hours after she was born and was holding her like a champ. My Coop is so special to me...we have a bond and he knows what I mean. Lilly had fun jumping from the ottoman to the couch, to Cooper, for at least an hour. Thanks, Coop! I told you that paybacks were rough!

Lilly and Cooper having a little chat!

Sidney was with us on that GLORIOUS day, as well. Sweet Sid, always coming around when I need her the most. I tell her all the time that she is "wise beyond her years". She has a knowledge about life that some people never have. We are blessed to know her. I am so happy that she is Sissy's best friend and that my family can know and love her, too! We love you, SID! Thanks for all that you do for us....Lilly, me, Brian and Sissy!
SPRING BREAK is HERE!! I can't believe that I am out for a week. I have big do whatever I want to do....that feels great! I am going to see my awesome Aunt Libby this weekend, so stay tuned for updates of adventures from the Atwood Family.
Love to All!

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Shannon Willcutt said...

I want that couch in my girls' playroom!! I love it!!

Thanks so much for your sweet text message today. I cannot tell you how I feel knowing I have people praying over me in so many places.

I love you, sweet friend!