Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Masterpiece and A Wedding

Spring Break started for me on Friday at 2:40pm. If it had happened a minute later, I could have lost my mind, but THANKFULLY it got here. My Lilly went to spend the night with our friends Gini and Payton. Brian worked late and I went to a Canvas Creations party with my friend Ann. She is so much fun, and I am so happy that we decided to go. It wasn't like any party I am used too. I hardly talked at all and was very serious all night. It was fun though and I am very impressed with myself. We painted a "little white church" and I love it. I was VERY nervous because any kind of art stresses me out, but I surprised myself.

Below is some of the group concentrating very hard to make their paintings PERFECT...they were all so wonderful!
Okay, so for some reason the blog will not post this going up and down, but this is my masterpiece!!
My friend, Ann Mitchell, and I with our works of art. I think that we did GREAT!
On Saturday, we met Gini and Payton in Batesville to get Lilly. After a great lunch at Chili's the Atwood family headed to a wedding in Duck Hill, MS. A good friend of ours got married and I was so happy that it worked out for us to come! Kyle has become so special to both Brian and me. We have worked countless Chrysalis walks with him and our relationship with him has grown. We are so happy for him.

Here Lilly is smiling at the reception. We said, "Lilly, do you want to go to a party?" She said, "YAY! Party, CAKE" She had a blast...
She not only ate cake, but danced too. They had a little 3 piece band that played fun music and Lilly and Ava were the only ones that danced. They, for sure, stole the show. They held hands and danced the afternoon away!
Here are the dancing princesses again!
Kyle, the groom, Lilly and Ava!

The Happy Couple! Best Wishes to Kyle and Ragan! We love you and wish you many years of happiness together!
So, Kyle and I got to know each other through the Emmaus/Chrysalis/Crossroads ministry. We worked lots of walks together, but we also worked with Paris, too. So, they would call me Mama Duck and they were my little ducklings! I was called that becasue I was always telling them what to do and they did it....willingly...I fell in love!! God has truly blessed my family with these two AWESOME guys. I so blessed to have the opportunity to watch them grow from sophomores in highschool to married men....WOW....God is good!

We are staying busy over the break....my camera is on the blink again, so relying on other people for pics....hopefully will be able to post about our trip to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousin, and my birthday dinner!


Julie Nolte Owen said...

Lovely photos and stories! What sweet photos of your sweet daughter. Happy spring break from one teacher to another.

ambersmith said...

Loved the painting I am so impressed! I want to do that sometime! If you decide to take a class this summer call a sister up! Hope you are having a fabulous spring break! Hugs from your Sullivan friend!!!