Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whitty's Birthday...featuring Anderson

I turned 34 on March 18! It was a great day full of text messages, phone calls, cards, presents and facebook messages! I LOVE my, love, love, love it! So, I kinda celebrated all week. All of my freinds and I had been planning on getting together and it just happened to be the night of my birthday that it all worked out for everybody. Our birthday happenings have changed a alot in the past year or so, because now we all have babies. You will notice NO pictures of my biological baby in this post because she thinks that she is not a baby anymore...She wants to always be with Aubrey Claire and Olivia Kate, doing whatever they are doing....this night it consisted of being next door, jumping and swinging!
So, our Godchild, Anderson is the baby featured in this post. We played with him and also his mama did the picture taking. I had no camera! Did anyone just get that last sentence? HAD...being the key word? WONDERFUL husband gave me a camera for my birthday but not until everyone was getting ready to go home, so Monica captured my birthday night! I am ever so grateful to her for that!
Here is to me....the birthday girl, and my sweetums little boy....don't you just want to squeeze him? I do!
My birthday would not have been complete without Betsy showing her too!

My AWESOME husband, the birthday girl (me) and baby Anderson!
Kristen, Nicole and Anderson....can you tell him mama is behind the camera? I think we are very safe to say that she LOVES that little boy!!
Paige and her precious baby girl, Emma Kate!
Paige doing what she does best, holding and loving on someone elses baby...this night it was Will Prince!

Monica let someone have the camera and she and I got a picture! I think it has been a while since we had one of these together!
Well, I did it, I captured my 34th birthday on the blog...I know my Lilly fans are not too happy with this post, but just hold new camera has been catching some great shots!
How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and family to share my special day with me! Brian said that by my actual birthday I had already had 3 parties! I beg to differ, just maybe a couple of nights eating out with some FABULOUS family memebers and friends!
My cup runneth over,
Sara Whitten


The Murphree Family said...

Well as much as I missed seeing Lilly's sweet face, I loved seeing pictures of you, Brian, and friends and reading about your birthday! I thought about you all day--hope you got my text. I had every intention of calling but...well, my phone time is few and far between these days-sorry! Looks like you had a great day and I am super happy about your camera. Can't wait to see more pictures of your sweet family.

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday, Sara Whitten! Give that Lilly a big kiss for me and hope to see you soon!

Busy Life As A Bunyard ♥ said...

When I have a baby, I want him to look like Anderson! I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations! Here's to many more to come!

Laura Leigh said...

Happy belated b'day SWW!!! Looks like it was wonderful. And....just to let you know, I celebrate my b'day every year for about a week! It's our one time of year to celebrate ourselves!!! Love the pics!