Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Libby!

So, I am going to backtrack into March, because I just got pictures from my trip to see my Aunt Libby, Uncle Craig and cousin Bob in Jackson. If you remember, I had no camera back then, so I was at the mercy of others to capture my memories. I used Libby's camera, but she just figured out how to download them to her computer. So, here we have it....It's fitting that I am highlighing this trip now, because it is Libby's birthday her birthday MONTH, so she should be featured.

Here is the birthday girl with Lilly and her lovely dog Pearl. Lilly loves Libby and Pearl so very much! It is so funny how she is just "gaga" over dogs...she gets that from my mom and aunts! I just love my Libby. She is the "aunt" that everybody dreams to can go visit her anytime, and she cooks for you and does your laundry for you. She is is "cool". I love her so does everyone else in my family!

My Uncle Craig is just wonderful. Out of my 8 uncles....he is the only one that I really have a relationship with. Brian and I can call him for anything and often do. He is full of wisdom and very smart in all areas, ESPECIALLY construction, so my hubby thinks he "rocks." Most importantly he makes me feel loved and always wanted there! Lilly loves him, too. Aunt Libby bought her the mama sock monkey and the baby sock monkey that day at Target. She was only intending to buy her the one sock monkey, but Lilly INSISTED that she get a baby monkey too. Libby said that she wanted a Daddy monkey, too, but thank goodness she said "NO".
My cousin, Bob, was there, too, and he was entertained with Lilly and her computer and baby dolls. She made him hold her baby and he did so with a smile on his face. They love each other!

She loved taking a "tubby" in Libby's great big new bath tub.

Lilly loved Libby's gnomes as much as Libby loves them! I don't really see the attraction, but it's there for these crazy kids! :) And it was EXTRA hot that day, and she decided to take her shirt off...everyone seemed fine with that!

Lilly enjoyed some lettuce while there....I wish she would eat more of it at home, but we will take what we get!

And on our trip, Lilly and I bought her flower girl dress for the weddings that she is going to be in this summer. We were posing for this picture, so we could send it to the bride, to see if she approved. She it was a sale. We walked into this sweet Vietnamese man's showroom and I was just in Heaven. The most beautiful dresses and outfits that you have ever seen. I already had the dress number that I was looking for so I told him. He pointed out the dresses that I was looking for. There was the white one and then a pink one was right beside it. As you can guess, Lilly pitched a fit for the pink one...FINALLY.....I got the white one on her and she went straight to that mirror. She LOVED it and demanded that her keds tennis shoes come off. They did not go with her dress! I love that stinker face, so much!

We love you, Libby, Craig and Bob and can't wait to come back for another visit. Your "new" house is just gorgeous. We had so much fun. Happy Birthday, Libby. Being 24 is tough but you will get through! :) See you soon.....June 19th!!!

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