Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lilly's first day of 2k Preschool

My baby girl stared 2k today! I can't believe that it's been 2 yeaCheck Spellingrs since I left her as a 6month old with a babysitter, as I started back to school. Time does fly, when you are having fun! I knew that this morning was going to be a little difficult, because we are not used to waking up at 7am. If we do wake up at 7, she watches Sprout until she is ready to get her day started. Brian stayed home this morning, and it was a team effort. She did much better that I is the sleepy head still with those fingers in her mouth....not quite into things yet!

Waking up.....a little
FINALLY.....eating those yummy eggs her daddy made her!

Here she is.....right outside the preschool, with her nap mat and back pack in hand.

She is on the hunt for Anna Lauren, her best friend. We saw her mama and daddy on our way in, so she knew that her friend was there. I just love looking at her from the back with her backpack on, such a big girl!

She found her....Lilly and Anna Lauren!

Her cubby, and when her teacher, Mrs. Linda, showed it to her, she said, "It's PINK!"

Already found some toys!

Playing in her new class room!

Brian and I were telling her Bye, and they both just waved us baby, so big!

I know that she is going to have a great year. She is so ready for some organized activity and to play with friends. I can't wait to see how she did today!


Laura said...

I cried when I read this post. Good 'ole emotional Aunt La La. Weren't we just at the hospital meeting her for the first time?!!??!

Myra said...

I still think it's strange to send a two year old to school. Good ole sensible Aunt My.

Really cute pics though.