Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Big Girl and MSU Tailgating

It's official! My BABY is not a BABY anymore! She sleeps in a big girl bed and LOVES it! Her room is so cute, thanks to some incredible family members. Her bed belonged to my grandmama and granddaddy and was their first bed when they got married. It was in need of some TLC, so Brian was able to work his magic...and WAHLAH...BEAUTIFUL!

Aunt LaLa is becoming quite the seamstress and she made Lilly these super cute and great pillows on the bed and the throw at the end of the bed. If anyone knows me at all you know how EXCITED I am that my sister in law can do such things....cha ching!!! :)) Thanks, Aunt LaLa we love them and are so thankful for you and your skills!

So here is the princess...she has taken to her "throw" that sits at the end of the bed. She wants to cover up with it every night, and she calls it her "blankey".....and the pink side MUST be touching her....not like this picture...she has changed her mind. The pink side is flannel, so it's softer and she has figured that out! My high maintenance little girl...I know, I know....she gets it honest!

I don't have many pictures captured from our two ballgames, so far, at MSU, but I have acquired a couple. Below are my 2 of my favorite girls. Betsy, aka Sissy, and Maggie! It was a white out against LSU, so we were all in white! GO DAWGS!

Lilly's friends, Piper and Hayden, tailgate with us and they brought MARKERS to the game. You see my child has a death grip on them, because she does not get to play with markers at home!! Piper, Maggie and Lilly having fun at "Bully's Party". Lilly refers to our times in Starkville, at the tent, as Bully's Party! I LOVE IT!! That's my girl!

We are certainly blessed in this Atwood Home.

Love to All,

Sara Whitten

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