Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall, Work and Lilly!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Silly Lilly....she is ALL in to dressing up. Her Aunt LaLa and Uncle Tom gave her a dress up box for Christmas and she is just now starting to really get "in to" it. She wants to put it ALL on AT ONCE, though, so we still have a little learning to do!! She is cute and she loves it! So, that is all that matters.

Over the weekend, Brian and I cleaned off the front porch and washed it all down. We unfolded the stroller to clean it up and Lilly just had a fit....she is now wanting to be in it all the time. She says that it is NOT for the new is hers!! GREAT! There is someone else in our house that likes the stroller, too....DORI. We have found her sleeping in it several times!

Lilly just hops right on in there with can see that Dori moved to the back!

I have had my rep/friend in town, from Polyvision, this week and we have been having fun selling our interactive white boards and training on them. On Tuesday, we went to PDS in Clarksdale to showcase our technology to the parents and teachers at the "Hot Dog Hoe Down" We had a great time....and the kids LOVED the ENO board. I just love watching them work on it. They think they are playing, but I know they are learning!

Here is my great friend Crystal!! She flew in from Texas to do some training and work with me some this week. She is incredible and I love being with her. I learn so much from her and we have FUN! We laughed and laughed about this car all week. Polyvision's colors are this electric limey green, and when she pulled up in this rental, I was like WOW...Crystal is committed! So, it was not on purpose, but we had to take her picture with the car, her lime green shirt and an ENO mini magnetized to the car! We love our jobs!

And here is a cute picture to leave you with....Lilly with Tilly. She is in love with this dog who belongs to our dear friend Sidney. Sidney took the pic and sent it to me!! Sometimes I am just not quite sure where this child came from when I see her around animals....because it is not me!! But then, I think about my mom....that is where she gets it!!

Love to all,

Sara Whitten

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Aunt LaLa said...

Your front porch looks adorable! No surprise there, though. I am SO GLAD you love your job! God is still hard at work on mine, I can feel it! :)
Love ya sister.