Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catching Up...Nashville Visit and Thomas the Train

Sorry that I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, but we went to Nashville 2 weeks ago and some little two year old "hid" my camera and Aunt My found it, thank goodness! So, I have been without my camera since our trip and I just got it back! So, I have a good bit of catching up to do...We had a sister weekend in Nashville. Laura, Lilly and I drove one Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with Myra. We had a great time, catching up, helping Myra with some more house decor and the usual sister stuff.

One of my best friends lives in Nashville, as well, so we decided to take Lilly and her little boy Hudson to see Thomas the train on Saturday afternoon. If you remember, she is my friend that just adopted the baby in May....here is is with Lilly and Myra below. WHAT A PRECIOUS MIRACLE HE IS....super super cute!

Lilly LOVED loving on baby Hayden...she is going to be such a great big sister!

Andrea and I loaded up Hudson and Lilly, while Hayden stayed at home with his daddy and Myra and Laura did a little fabric shopping, and took them to see Thomas the Train. Here are Hudson, Lilly and Andrea ready to go in!

They had a little stations for the children to go to, a couple being bouncy stuff....Lilly loves to "jump" as she calls it and demanded to do this slide. Hudson was so sweet holding her hand. Andrea and I were behind them and we heard him say, "this slide is kinda big and you are kinda little, so I will help you". SWEETNESS!

There was a man there playing songs on his guitar and he invited Lilly and Hudson to play the triangle with him....too cute!

ALL ABOARD the CHOO CHOO Train! We rode on an actual train and Lilly loved it. She was looking out the window the entire time we were moving, loving the scenery!

Here they both are as we were making our way to the car.....tired little engineers they were, but they had lots of fun!

In the 2 weeks that I have not had my camera we have been to Starkville twice to tailgate. We have a tent this year that we share with some fun other families. It has been great fun. We still have 4 more games, so I will get those memories captured, don't you worry!!

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