Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2011

Okay, so the ABOVE picture pretty much explains the first half of Christmas Eve night. Talk about a BEAR of a little girl. She would not cooperate to do ANYTHING....not even sit in LaLa's lap. This picture is too funny, so I had to post it. We did enjoy our church service and thankfully she was good in that! We also made it to Cousin Penn's party for a total of 45 minutes. She was good there, just hard to keep up with. Brian and I were not having all that great of a time, so we cut out early. Santa was on his way and all!

We let her open up the present under the tree from me and Brian. It was a beautiful pink night gown that she saw at Special Daze and she really liked it then, but I should have known it was not going to be what she wanted to sleep in....so picky these days.
The whole time she was opening it up, she kept saying, "I bet it's baby in there!" She didn't seem too terribly disappointed! We talked her into wearing her new night gown with the bribe of Santa wanted her to wear it! It worked!
Santa came....and he brought way too many things! Lilly is trying out all her new hair accessories that Santa brought. She can fix hair really good, now!! And as you can see from this picture she has already taken off her beautiful pink nightgown that we gave her and has changed into the one princess one that Santa left....we change clothes A LOT these days!
Lilly trying out her new MSU pom-poms that Santa brought her. They are just like Anna Lauren's she said!
Santa brought her that PINK pillow pet that she has been asking for and she and Dori are trying it out!
After we got up, played with Santa stuff, we got dressed and the whole family met at Lifepoint Church in Tunica to worship together. That is where Tom and Laura go, and they have helped start it. It was a great service and I was so blessed to be a part of their Christmas day service! We went to Mamie and Boo's house, where more Christmas was to be had! Lilly LOVED all the presents and the fact that EVERYBODY had them...
So excited about Christmas....my sweet girl....ALSO...I will say that a Christmas miracle occurred...Lilly woke up on Christmas Eve and decided that she was potty trained!! She has not had on a diaper since....PRAISE the LORD!! I am so happy!
Uncle Tom modeling his SNOW CAMO....goodness!
Lilly's Train tent and tunnel that Aunt My gave her....she loves it!
Lilly changed clothes AGAIN.... now in her dancing outfit that her Grammy gave her. She loves it because she can twirl in it. Mamie and Boo gave her a double stroller for her babies and she is pushing them all over the house....another favorite gift!
Lilly is helping Mamie open her present from all her children. She has just started learning to play the game Mahjong and we got her a vintage game board!
Aunt My and Boo both got new tennis shoes....and although Myra's are very BRIGHT we are really excited about Boo's new kicks....his old ones were terrible and a little embarrassing for us all when he wore them that ONE time of year at the beach!
So, Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa could not wrap Lilly's gift so they made her hide her eyes...I just love this picture of her doing this. And, I am not sure why, but I didn't get a picture of the gift, but it is a sweet baby bed with a canopy and mobile and baskets for storage! She LOVES it! Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa are the best!After all the opening and lunch, Lilly and Aunt LaLa chilled a read a few books that Lilly got for Christmas!
And the day after Christmas...Lilly made herself a "house" she said, with her new big stuffed dog, her pink pillow pet, other couch pillows and of course DORI!

Life is more than GOOD and we are blessed beyond measure.....most importantly we are so thankful for the GREATEST GIFT.....JESUS!! He is just indescribable!

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Shannon Willcutt said...

Such sweet, fun times!
And just think...next Christmas, you will have a little girl AND a little boy!! My, oh my! How exciting!!!!