Wednesday, January 18, 2012 far!

Lilly Whit wants to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

She is such a mess and is SO EXCITED about being a big sister, very soon!

Aunt My took her to get her nails done during the holidays! She loved that!
She loved the pink butterfly chair and Myra said she did great!

She likes to help us cook and wash dishes, these days! She is all the time pulling up a chair and wanting to help us! PLEASE notice the outfit! Everyday when she comes home she wants to put this on...her "Hello Kitty, just one", headband and tennis shoes that were Maggie's and are about 4 sizes too big!! She also has a her "tutu" dress that she wears ALL the time, too!

Pop Pop and Grandma Shirley came to spend the day with us on Saturday! She does love them!! Notice she has Dori, the cat, in a head lock!

Aunt LaLa picked her up on Sunday and they went to see the movie Beauty and the Beast. She took her Belle princess with her! She loved it and is still talking about, 3 days later! Not sure why my computer did not rotate, but this is when they pulled up to the movie!! She woke up quick! :)

Aunt LaLa said she had to take a picture with the chipmunk, too! I don't blame her...he is cute!

Aunt LaLa and Lilly in their 3d glasses getting ready for the movie to start!

And lastly, Lilly is featured in Southern Bride magazine! We were so excited to find out that Lilly made the feature they did on Rebekah and Walker's wedding. She loves showing everybody. She says, "That's Rebekah, and she is married and I am the FLOWER GIRL!" It's so cute! It's been to show people! It's a great write up on the great wedding and one lovely couple!

We are back into the swing of things with school and work. Baby Walt's nursery is coming along, so hopefully, I can post pictures soon. He is scheduled to be here on April 11 if nothing happens before then! We are getting ready and can't believe there will be another baby in the house, SOON!! YIKES!! We are all excited!

All our Love,

Sara Whit

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