Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deer Slayer, Schoggin Family, Christmas Cookies and Presents from Maryland!

Brian is SUPER PROUD of his deer that he killed....maybe now he will not want to hunt AS much....yeah right! :)) The Schoggin Family came over one night this week and Lilly and Anderson exchanged their presents to each other! As usual Lilly loved ordering that little boy around!!

Lilly helping Anderson open his vacuum cleaner that we gave him! excited!

Lilly helping Daddy with the present!

2 little monkeys snuggled up with MoMo....both in their jammies and ready to crash!

Aunt My came over one night and we made cookies. Thank goodness I waited on her for this project because it took the two of us to make it work and with the 2 year old offering up her help, you can only imagine!

Lilly making her favorite cookie....the Christmas tree!

Lilly Whit doing her part of the decorating....the sprinkles!

Christmas Cookies 2011

Christmas Eve morning we let Lilly open her presents from the gang in Maryland. We have gotten Skype so it was fun to let Grammy and all the aunts and uncles watch her open her presents. It was great fun and it made us feel like we were there together. YAY for technology!!

movies from Grammy.....

Modeling her new ballerina outfit from Grammy....she has had it on all day and there is no sign of taking it off anytime soon!

We wish you and yours a blessed Christmas day!

Love to all,

Sara Whitten, Brian and Lilly

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gini said...

Love love love these! Merry Christmas to y'all and don't let Lilly forget about me! Tell her I'm coming to see her first thing in 2012 with a gift for my girl!