Wednesday, February 1, 2012 2012

We haven't done anything to exciting, which has been kinda nice. I realize that I have been slacking on the blog, so this post is just going to be some random shots that I have taken in the last few weeks!
One Saturday the Norris', the Johnston's and the Schoggin's came over for dinner and visiting. Aubrey Claire is a life saver when it comes to the little ones! I sure love her and that Jake and Lilly, too, of course!
Jake and Lilly have been spending lots of time together! They are so cute together. This time they were running from the "monster". Now they are hiding from that bad "monster"!
On this day they had been playing really hard and then decided they were tired and wanted to watch TV.....I found them in my bed....Jake loving my phone and Lilly loving Dora on TV!
Best Buddies....they have so much fun and love each other so much! Do you see a recurring theme here....Lilly is ALWAYS in a "tutu" dress as she likes to call it! I promise she has other clothes, but has soon as she gets home from school she wants to put one on! And, please note that it is a FIGHT to get it off....EVERY NIGHT!
In the past few weeks, we also have suffered from another double ear infection!
She is such a big girl and takes her medicine so well!
A HAPPY girl before school!
Lilly wakes up every morning and watches "her shows" before getting ready for school. Dori usually is right beside her! That cat is the best cat in the world!
Although, the past few weeks have been low key, the next few are going to be VERY BUSY and FULL OF FUN! We are heading to Disney World on Saturday and will be gone a week. I think that Brian and I are more excited that Lilly. She really has no idea what she is about to experience! I can't wait to see her little face! She is going to be so excited! When we return the "princess" has a birthday! She is turning 3....I can't believe it!
How blessed we are....
All our Love,
Sara Whit

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Aunt My said...

Awwww. Loved catching up with my Lilly girl. Am I crazy, or does she really look like me in that photo of her and Jake sitting together in the leather chair? Have so much fun in Disney World! See you when you get back at the Par-tay!