Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Trip to Disney World - Part 1

We have been SUPER excited about going to Disney World for over a year now! There is not doubt that I have been the MOST excited out of everyone in my little household, but Brian and Lilly finally caught on and by the time we were on the plane headed to Orlando, we were all PUMPED!!

Thanks to Brian's Dad and Grandpa, the WHOLE family.....Brian and his 3 sisters and their families celebrated in Disney World for Grandpa's 90th birthday! Aunts, Uncles and cousins also joined us for a few days and we were all together on February 13 to celebrate 90 years of Grandpa! It was GREAT....THANKS SO MUCH to PopPop, Grandma Shirley and Grandpa for such an amazing experience!

Lilly found this blow up valentine dog while we were waiting on our plane at the airport!

We FINALLY made it to Orlando and she was really into her suitcase....she loved helping get all of our luggage off the rack!

We had a day before the rest of the family arrived, so we decided to spend the day at Sea World. It was SUPER CHILLY, but we managed to have a great time. I am just glad that I brought her heavy coat. Riley, Lilly and Aunt Shelly heading out to Sea World.....I love this pic. The two little ones with Aunt Shelly....the little sister who is great with kids!

Sweet cousins, hugging each other in the hotel lobby. They played GREAT together, for the most part! HA.....and love each other so much!

Lilly sporting TWO headbands that her Aunt KK had just given her.....have I mentioned that my child TRIES really hard, and we often fight ALREADY over her wardrobe and hair. I am in for it....that's all I can say. She LOVES a headband, and when her Aunt KK broke them out, I knew it was all over.....she created this look and I thought it was cute!!! She can't wait to go see the POLAR BEARS...her favorite!

Daddy, Aunt KK, Aunt Shelly, Riley and Lilly all rode the rides at sea world. I really didn't think she would do it, but she liked it and even put those "hands up" at the right times!

Her all time favorite every where we go....the Carousal!

Lilly, Daddy and Riley watching those silly, funny Sea Lions! They were so cute and AMAZING!

Lilly, Riley and Aunt KK, Brian's middle sister having fun at Sea World. Riley belongs to her and he and Lilly are just six months a part!

Long day for these two....they took great naps while the rest of the crew rode a big, bad roller coaster that made them feel not so young anymore!!

We went to Downtown Disney after Sea World and the kids loved Lego Land. It was pretty amazing. Lilly and Riley are standing in front of Woody from Toy Story!

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner and the little ones loved it. If you have never eaten there, it is a must!You feel like you are in a real rainforest, animals are everywhere and it actually rains every 30 minutes! Lilly loving on Grandma Shirley and PopPop!

I took this picture to show you all the newest member of our family and to let you know that it has not gotten out of our sight since she talked her Aunt Shelly into buying it for her at Sea World....her baby Polar Bear! It did everything with us the rest of the week. The lion, Simba, had to stay home! :( If you notice it is in about every picture from here on out!! SWEET!!

Monday, February 13, Grandpa turned 90!!! The whole family gathered in Orlando and we had a late lunch to celebrate! Lilly loves a birthday, so she was all about helping Grandpa sing and blow out his birthday candle!

We all came back to the condo and had cake and ice cream and just enjoyed each others company!! Here is Grandpa with Brian, Jamie, Kristy and Shelly!

We ATTEMPTED to get a picture with the little great grands, but you see how good that worked out. I had to post this one, because it was just tooooooooo funny!! They were both screaming, not wanting to cooperate and Grandpa could have cared less! Makin' memories!!

Stay tuned to Part 2 of our trip......we did make it to Disney.....I PROMISE!!

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