Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grammy Visits, Dori, Crafting and Friends

Grammy came to visit the week of Lilly's birthday and we were able to capture a couple of shots before she left. Lilly is so busy and many times very uncooperative, so we couldn't get many. We captured the moment, and these days that is all I can ask for! We enjoyed Grammy being here and already planning her next visit.

We have started getting baby things down in preparation for the baby Walt. My friend, Brianne, brought this swing over and Lilly has taken it over as her toy. She loves putting Dori in it and covering her up....she says, "this is my baby, mama!" Dori doesn't seem to mind!

Maggie babysat on Saturday night for us and she sent me this cute pic of Lilly and Dori!

Lilly is all into gluing, coloring, and being really crafty, lately! I am not sure where she gets it and it all kinda stresses me out....but I gave in on this Saturday morning. We had fun....and I am glad that I let her do it.. We bought two bags at church that we are supposed to decorate and give to the mission team. These bags feed a family of 4, so we got these done! YAY!

An old but very good friend called me Friday to tell me that she was coming to Memphis. We met at the Peabody and had a great visit. Lilly loved the ducks!

It's so hard to believe that Carson, on the left, spent many a night with me while I was in college! She is all grown up....and pretty as ever! Her mama, Liza, is too!

Carson, Me, Liza and Lilly hanging out at the Peabody

Lilly has Spring Break this I am sure that we will be finding some fun things to do!

Love to all,

Sara Whit

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Aunt Lala said...

Shirtless + Tutu + Dori = Lilly's version of heaven. Love that picture!