Sunday, March 25, 2012


Grandmama's will ALWAYS be called that. Even though it has been my home since I entered the tenth grade!
My family moved in with my grandmother after she suffered a stroke and needed 24 hour care. It was something that I know was hard on both my mom and dad, but to us kids, it's just what we did. We loved living with our Grandmother. Although, my mom and and dad never put pressure on us we knew what was expected of us to care for her and we did it. There were many times, that my parents had to rely on us to stay with her, and I can remember my brother and I making deals. The conversation would go like this..."Tom, you can go do what you want to do for 3 hours, then bring your friends back hear and let me go!" We were always civil with each other when it came to her...not your usual brother/sister arguing. She passed away my Sophomore year of college, I was heartbroken and still miss her everyday. This is my blog, so I can say it on here, but it is ALSO mom will even tell you if it's just us..HAHAH!! But I was Grandmama's favorite...I knew that I was...she didn't have to tell me. My mom says it's because I spent time with her. My friends and even my boyfriends LOVED visiting with my 89 year old grandmother, who was not able to communicate without playing a game of charades!
So, it's been about 15 or so years since she has been gone physically from this earth, and I can honestly say that hardly ANYTHING has changed in her house. My mom and dad still live there, all of us kids are grown, gone and have our own houses, but things that were there when I would "visit" my grandmama as a little girl are still in the same spot.
IT'S TIME....I tell ya....for a NEW BEGINNING.
My mom deserves it, my dad deserves and we all are going to be okay! Grandmama's house is not going anywhere....Tom and Laura get to move in!! YAY for them! Mom and Dad have started building their own house...right in the middle of mice are moving to the city! It is being built by the best BUILDER this side of the mason-dixon line....MY husband....Brian Atwood! I am a little biased, but he is really great at building houses! It's going to be an exciting few months....
The process has started....footings have been dug and the dirt has been moved in. People in town have something to ride by and look at, talk about, critique...the things people in a small town do best! For our family,'s a good thing. It's going to bring a little healing, hope and joy to all of us!

Speaking of new beginnings....we have another new beginning taking place in our family too...a sweet little boy will be here in 15 days!! I can't believe it! Baby Walt is taking his dear sweet time to join us...just like his sister did. Ready or not he will be here on April 11. We have his nursery just about finished. The adorable dresser came from a dear friend. It was in her little boy's nursery...and it is PERFECT for my decor. Thanks, so much, Nicole! My Aunt Libby and I found the lamp at Hobby Lobby and Aunt LaLa gave us our McCarty deer.
Those picture frames....aren't they just GRAND!? My sweet friend Tabitha had them made for me. I love them and was so excited when she brought them over. A girl in Senatobia is making them. I have her number if anyone is interested. She is very reasonable. A nursery is not complete without a rocker. Lilly's rocking chair...complete with a blue blanket and an alligator pillow...makes for a boy's room!
My sweet senior in high school friend, Elizabeth Bell painted these canvases for me! I love them and she did such a great job!
I had all of Brian's boy scout patches and badges frames one year for his birthday and I hung those on the big blank wall! It looks good in there and you can bet your life that this little guy will be a full time boy scout, with his daddy leading him all the way! Fun times ahead!
LuLu took off one day to Memphis to pick out the bedding and the curtain for this little guy. She was great happy she was with me, so I could make a decision that day! Brian built the shelves and Lilly and I painted them!! And, YES, he already has a cowbell!
My great friend from college who I still keep in great contact with today painted this canvas for me! I LOVE it....She is so great with any and all crafts!! The writing around the line says....Walter...leader in the army and Kirk....of the church. Those are the meanings of his name and then their is a Bible verse..."Sons are a heritage of the Lord...children are a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3 Thank you, dear friend Shannon! I love you and it is PERFECT!
So, I just realized that I have no pics of the bed and bedding, but you will see that eventually! No pics of Lilly Whit this post...she is for sure busy! Dressing up and being a princess or a cheerleader. We are blessed!
Love to All,
Sara Whitten


ambersmith said...

Love it from the decor down to the name. I miss you sweet friend! Love ya! :)

rosajosa said...

I"m so excited for y'all's new addition! I hope he's as good a baby as our Tripp is :) And I loved reading about your grandmother's house. In about a year and a half we will be moving into Rob's parents house. It's an old historic home here in Philadelphia and they are just tired of maintaining it and don't need so much space. We are so excited! Can't wait to read about the new little guy!!!