Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving and the Start to Christmas!

Where is the time going? I could NOT believe that I had not updated the blog since Halloween and the MSU games....that seems like forever ago, but for this mama it really just happened! :)  Our life has been just a little abnormal, lately....I will explain more about that as the blog goes on. 

Lilly was SUPER exited to have Mamie and Boo come see her at school. I know that you can't tell by the expression on her face, but I PROMISE she was happy. :) 
 Lilly's 3k class had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! 
 Such sweet and cute Pilgrims...Lilly, Anna Lauren and Adelaide
 Lilly making her fruit kabob to eat at the feast...they also made their own butter.
 Lilly, Pilgrim and Emerson, the Indian...feasting together 
 Thanksgiving Day was bittersweet for me. It was the last time to celebrate in my Grandmama's house, as I have always known it. Brian has finished building my mom and dad's house in town. It is beautiful, if I do say so myself, but 3755 Austin Road will always be home to me. Tom and Laura are going to bring that house back to life and I am very happy for them. It will be an exciting new chapter, and I will embrace it. 

My two little turkeys had a great day! :) I am very thankful for them! 
 My Walt man is growing so fast! 
 I took a picture so I could remember exactly how our table always looked for the holidays at "Grandmama's house". Even though the dining room will pretty much stay the same as it has the last 100 years....HAHA! 
 Lilly still loves her little brother and he most certainly loves his sister! 
 Brian INSISTS that we have a real tree. This is the same person whose allergies are by far the worst I have ever seen. Oh well...I am on board with it, because it is the only family outing that we do that he plans and takes charge of, that part is nice. So, here is this little girl, excited about being at the farm to find our Christmas tree. 
 Daddy, Lilly and Walt on the tractor headed to the farm. 
 So, this is the normal...Lilly having Walt in a head lock..sigh! Poor little guy! 
 Lilly with the cat at the farm. Friendliest barn cat around! 
 She found it....YAY! 
 Lilly was an Angel in the church Christmas program! She posed with sweet Avery, before the show. 
 Here is our Angel ringing the bells. Please notice the piece of paper in her hand. She walked up on stage with it and Rachel, one of her teachers, who she calls "sugar" was telling her to give it to her. She looked right at her and said, "Sugar, these are my words for the play!" FYI...she had no "words" for the play. :) 
 Great picture of Lilly and her Daddy after the program. 
 Sissy came....
 Sissy and Clayton BOTH came....Thanks ya'll! Means A LOT! 
 Lilly and her Daddy went to celebrate the Senatobia Christmas Parade. I stayed home with our sick little boy. Lilly told me that she LOVED it....Will Prince, Lilly and Langston sitting on Daddy's tailgate! 
 Walt has been so different than Lilly....he has never been one to sleep on Brian or be rocked to sleep like Lilly. Him being a sleep in Brian's arms is a rare occasion, so I had to snap the picture. 
 My sick little boy....he was pretty pitiful for about two full days. I hate it when they are sick, but they are sure sweet cuddle bugs. I always cherish my time with my babies when they are not feeling good. Thankfully, it doesn't happen to us very often, but I feel like our little world almost stops or it definitely slows down. 
 My Christmas blessings....dressed and ready for some church! 
I am doing my best to enjoy this holiday season and all the magic of it. I am making an effort to stop, enjoy the decorations, hug my babies, find someone that might not have all the blessings I have and just be as much like JESUS as I can be....I don't get it right everyday that is FOR SURE, but if we all just tried, this world would be better. 

Praying that you all find CHRIST this CHRISTMAS! 

The Atwood's 

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