Saturday, December 22, 2012

All things Christmas and a Good-bye!

YES....they are JUST 3! I know, it's scary! Those little girls are high maintenance, but love life and each other, most of the time. They are much like sisters. They were able to wear their pajamas on Polar Express day, and they were twins. They were SOOOOO excited when they saw each other. It was priceless! 
Lilly driving the train....intense!
This is a little out of order...but Gini and Payton our sweet friends that came into our life 3 years ago are moving back "home"to Georgia. Their time in Mississippi is over, and oh how sad I am. I am very happy for them, because Gini and I spent 9 solid months together one year and she made it clear to me daily that her Mississippi home was TEMPORARY...HAHA!! I think that it grew on her, though and I KNOW that she was sad to go. I am going to miss this loyal and faithful friend. They just don't get much better. I am tearing up as I write this, missing her already. I know that this is a friendship that miles will not separate. It is that strong. I love you G and P and you will always be the reason that I survived my year at HLIS!! :) 
Back to 3k Polar Express Day...have you ever seen such cuteness?
My little girl does love a "wedding girl", her name for the Bride. She went to her first wedding of actually sitting in the church and watching the ceremony. She did well, but I had to hold her back when the "wedding girl" came walking down the aisle. She wanted to hug her neck. Sweet Sam Wood got married and we were so happy to be included in her special day! We love you, Sam! We are thankful for you and pray that you and Pete have much happiness! 
Aunt LaLa and Uncle Tom came over for a little Christmas cheer this week. They are going to be in Knoxville on Christmas Day this year, so we celebrated a little early. 
My babies love their Aunt LaLa! 
Lilly with her new horse and barbie....she named them Ainsley and Tawny! 
Walt got some precious clothes, but he really just liked the paper. Love that sweet boy! 
Christmas Party fun at 3k! Lilly hugging up on her good friend Caroline! 
Sam come to the party! Lilly was so happy to see her. I made Sam come over and take the Gingerbread House making duties. Lilly and I together aren't so creative! 
Trouble 1 and Trouble 2.....looking sweet and innocent! 
Best my Jake man! They both loved their Rudolph noses! 
My sweet girl...all smiles!! 
LOOK who is on the's our Walt man! 
 crawling everywhere......
 and even trying to pull up...he is so proud of himself! He just laughs and laughs! He thinks it is GREAT! 
As I write, I am counting my blessings this Christmas. It seems that there is hardship and loss all around me. Some far away that I am just sickened over (school shootings), some right close to my heart....that makes me really sad. You are not supposed to bury your good friend 3 days before Christmas who was only 40 years old. BUT through the unknowns that I am dealing with in my personal life, watching friends battle divorce, heartache and loss...I have JOY! My friend Gini is right...JOY because I have a Savior who came as a baby and lived on this earth...He endured life, facing hardship, loss and pain like we do everyday. He suffered on the cross, bled and died so I could live. He is in Heaven and promises an eternity with Him for ALL who just BELIEVE.....I BELIEVE and because I do....I have JOY. Praise Jesus for His indescribable gift. I pray that whatever you are facing this Christmas that you have JOY! 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good-night! 
Sara Whitten 

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Shannon Willcutt said...

Awwww...Sara Whit...such fun pictures!! My goodness, they are getting so big!!! Love the rudolph noses *Ü* Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year!!!

Love you bunches!!